December 18, 2006

We can't leave children hanging

We can't leave children hanging
This is a very powerful and heart wrenching article where the voice of the children speak through to tell their story and their need. Please read the article and fill the form out and add your voice!
"CHRISTMAS is supposed to be a magical, carefree time for children.
But during the festive season, thousands of youngsters will call NSPCC hotlines including ChildLine to report violence and abuse.
The lines are funded almost entirely by charity donations – but a lack of cash means too many young callers are being left on hold.
Today, The Sun demands proper Government funding for these lines – and below we publish three harrowing transcripts of genuine calls to highlight their importance. You can support our campaign by filling in the form on the right."


To Beat or Not to Beat

To Beat or Not to Beat
This is a very powerful article on what so many are facing today, corporal punishment in the school systems. Again, it has come to the fore front where many schools want to spank children for acting out, saying that they are being forced to because of the childrens actions and not being able to be controlled within the school settings. This is a powerful article as to why this should not be done, and other solutions to the problems that school systems face.
"Children live what they learn. If they grow up being hit and beaten by adults as a means of controlling them and their behaviour, then they learn that force is a means to an end. I am well aware that many parents communicate effectively with their children and many spank in a controlled way with love. But many do it in heightened anger and accompanied by much verbal abuse. Many engage in this repeatedly."
Here is one of the most powerful reasons not to hit a child in a school setting. There are many other reasons, which are explained in this article.
The school my son was attending does do this, and parents must sign a release stating that they would agree to it being done to their child. I would not sign these papers, furthermore, talked to the teacher and told her that under no circumstances was she to threaten my child or other children in my childs' presence with spanking from her. My son has PTSD, as do many child survivors of DV do, and school is supposed to be a safe haven from abuse. Yet, for so many now, it isn't.
When I was going to school, it was finally passed within the Private Schools that the teachers were no longer allowed to rap your knuckles with rulers, or grab you up by the ear. Degrading and demeaning acts such as these should continue to be left out of our school systems. What must a child feel when being spanked not by a parent, but a school official, virtually a stranger? What fears must that child go through? Is the temporary affects worth the mental anguish and fear that child is surely to go through?
If you are against abuse and DV, this is something to look into at your own schools. Tell them it is wrong, show and share them other ways to deal with the issues. Abuse should not be allowed to happen within our school system! We do not want our children to learn that hitting is a means to an end!

December 15, 2006

Abusers facing court

Man facing domestic violence charges pleads not guiltyKGET 17 - Bakersfield,CA,USABAKERSFIELD - Months after a Bakersfield woman filed a complaint against her boyfriend for domestic violence, he finally faced a judge Tuesday afternoon. ...

Man to appear in court for domestic violence, resisting arrest and ...Marietta Times - Marietta,OH,USARonnie D. Goad, 32, was charged Tuesday evening after police were called to a domestic violence report at 7171 State Route 60, Lowell. ...See all stories on this topic


Fighting DV and helping DV Victims and Survivors

UMaine Staff Members Join Fight Against Domestic ViolenceWCSH-TV - Portland,ME,USAStaff at the University of Maine at Orono are wearing purple ribbons as a sign of support for victims. The people wearing the ribbons ...

Verizon gives $300,000 to help fight domestic violenceBaltimore Examiner - Baltimore,MD,USABALTIMORE - Verizon Wireless gave more than $300,000 Wednesday to 11 nonprofit Maryland domestic violence programs as the company honored retiring Attorney ...See all stories on this topic

Domestic Violence Victims Receive Community SupportAmerican Digital Networks (press release) - Annapolis,MD,USA... December 14, 2006 - In 2005, the Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence (SPAN) sheltered 222 women and 75 children, all victims of domestic violence. ...

Police collect toys for victims of domestic violenceQuad City Times - Davenport,IA,USA... Davenport police Sgt. Bruce McKee said many children who come from homes with domestic violence don’t get a chance to enjoy the season like other kids do. ...

Domestic Violences seems to go up around the Holidays

Holiday pressures add up to domestic violenceSmallTownPapers News Service - Seattle,WA,USA... along with the expected increase in crimes such as shoplifting, theft and vehicle prowls, the holidays also tend to lead to an increase in domestic violence. ...

Domestic Violence, A Growing Problem In Teenage RelationshipsKOTV - Tulsa,OK,USADomestic Violence is always a major problem around the holidays. ... Bixby Police officer Erik Smoot: “sometimes domestic violence is abusive language. ...


Judge gives child molester lenient sentence, DA labels judge's actions as "judicial wackiness" | KGET

I'm sure when you read this article you will notice this also.......a quote from the man's Defense Attorney:

“If there was contact, sexual contact, it was consensual, the relationship of the people involved,” said Castro. “All that came into consideration.”

Ok, now let me get this straight....the man was "in a relationship" with a 14-yr-old, got into trouble for that which lead to probation. Then was "in a relationship" with a 13-yr-old, and got in trouble for that AND breaking his probation.....and his Defense Lawyer states that the consensualness ( I do realize that isn't a word...but if they can be absurd then so can I and make up words to fit into my tirade!) of the relationships were taken into consideration as a reasoning for such a light sentence????WTF???? Consensual???? At 13 and 14? I mean yeah, sure I know it happens, and there are those out there that think there is nothing wrong with it......but it IS against the law, they were both minors and therefore not able to have consensual relationships with a grown man....or am I just going off the deep end here for no reason???


December 13, 2006

Domestic violence issues discussed in local training session

This is a good articel and well wortht he time it took me to read it!


Father convicted of domestic violence

I can't believe they made this deal....but then again I don't know the whole story.


Ohio court debates whether gay marriage, violence laws conflict

The more I read about this the more upset I get! I can not believe that the courts in Ohio are actually looking at and that there are lawyers trying to force this! If this guy gets off on this, what is to keep other women from being beaten on a regular basis, just because they aren't "married" to the person abusing them???? Aren't we setting ourselves back into the stone ages here???

Here is the page with several articles pertaining to this case and the DOMA Law:


Daily Herald - Domestic violence case now attempted murder

November 14, 2006

Dealing with Domestic Violence: Training Materials

This 8 unit training module is geared towards Social Workers, however it is a good starting place for all who wish to advocate or work in the DV arena. This is also a certificate course for the state of MA. I have not found a program like this for any other sate yet, but I'm still looking. If you know that you sate has one on-line please leave the info in the comments, and we will put it up as soon as we see it. Thanks!!!

Dealing with Domestic Violence: Training Materials

November 12, 2006

Domestic violence: Attorneys fight tough bond policy

How can Defense attorneys argue that this bond policy is too strict? I'm sorry but if someone is charged with DV, then the judges are right in this situation, they must make sure the victim is safe! Also, arguing that this is unfair because if the person can't pay the bond they must sit in jail and often loose their job, is just ridiculous...They should have thought about that BEFORE committing Domestic Violence.

Domestic violence: Attorneys fight tough bond policy

November 10, 2006 - Sex Offender Ordered to Wear Warning T-Shirt - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News

I'm sorry that I find humor in this sentence! If only Domestic Violence Abuser's could be made to wear a shirt proclaiming what they are....ah, but to dream..... - Sex Offender Ordered to Wear Warning T-Shirt - Local News News Articles National News US News

MyFox Kansas City | Domestic Violence Victims 'Never Feel Safe'

Finally, a shelter taht gets it! read below, then finish reading the article through the link provided....The domestic violence hotline at the Rose Brooks
Center in Kansas City has 75 beds for women and children and all of them are
full. We can't tell you where this shelter is because everyone here
has someone trying to find them/

MyFox Kansas City Domestic Violence Victims 'Never Feel Safe' Young Mother Laid to Rest

For more information on this case please look along the right hand side of the article for the video clips, and 911 tape, etc... Young Mother Laid to Rest



One of these sisters was 21 an pregnant the other was 15, the mother was not home when this happened. Police interceppted her on her way home from work. Please leave comments!



Two justices voice concern for domestic violence in Richardson opinion

What two judges say when faced with two different DV trials, one a man and one a woman...the man gets 30 years from his jury and the woman gets no jail time from her this fair? The man's sentence is now being over turned and remanded back to the judge that passed sentence on him, with his sentence being dropped by 20 years, however, the woman as of now will not have her sentence increased...they committed roughly the same crime.

West Virginia Record Two justices voice concern for domestic violence in Richardson opinion


West Virginia Record | Legal system not best way to deal with domestic violence, survivors say

The reporter who did this article even gives some suggestions of his own at the end. This is an over all good article, which brings up several points that need to be out in the public view....the legal system does not help the victim of DV, and in fact in most cases it hinders and harms the victims.

West Virginia Record Legal system not best way to deal with domestic violence, survivors say


Session covers violence issues

South Carolina finally getting a handle on the DV issues within thier state. SC is ranked 6th in the number of women killed by men, this is a step in teh right direction for them! Please leave your comments

The Sun News 11/10/2006 Session covers violence issues

Hawkins deputy's domestic violence charge dismissed

I'm not sure that agree that this one is as completely innocent as they are trying to make this sound, please leave your comments as to whether or not you think he is going to end up harming his wife or not in the future....

Tri-Cities, Tennessee Personal News and Media Center


The Korea Times : Steps for Domestic Violence Victims

Sounds like Korea isn't messing around here with this....I'm not sure what their laws are, but this makes it sound like they are strict when it comes to DV offenders.

The Korea Times : Steps for Domestic Violence Victims


Police Looking to Prevent Domestic Violence

Ok, so maybe I'm not reading this correctly, but what I'm getting out of that the police will now take Domestic Violence calls more seriously because one of their own finally ended up getting shot...if that is what is really going on, then that is sad. It is great they have heightened awareness, but if that is their reason why....just sad!

WTRF-TV – News for Wheeling, West Virginia and the Ohio Valley


Pilot Program Could Help Save Domestic Violence Victims' Lives - News - | WRAL

This seems like a good idea, sure...but I don't think too much confidence should be placed on its ability to save lives. Sure it gives a warning that something may happen and that is great, however, it still will not be the only thing that needs to be done.

Pilot Program Could Help Save Domestic Violence Victims' Lives - News - WRAL


November 9, 2006

Judge's estranged wife seeks domestic violence injunction - Orlando Sentinel : Orange County News

"You're going to die" and "I'm going to kill you in court," she quoted him saying. Other times, he left messages "saying that he drafted all the family law rules [in Orange County] and that I'm in over my head and 'I don't know who I'm messing with.' ''

Judge's estranged wife seeks domestic violence injunction - Orlando Sentinel : Orange County News - News - Judge Accused Of Abuse Continues Presiding Over Cases


November 8, 2006

SLED arrests area police chief on domestic violence charges

This police chief already had a restraining order against him and still continued to pursue his victim. In his case there is no excuse, he knew the law and broke it repeatedly, I sincerely hope for his victim's sake that he is made to pay for his abuse towards her.

The Sun News 11/07/2006 SLED arrests area police chief on domestic violence charges

Georgetown Times

- Google News--All stories related to this


November 7, 2006

November 6, 2006

Saudi Court Sentences Vctim of Gang Rape to 90 Lashes

Ok, this is just plain stupid if you ask me!!! I am so glad that I do not live in that country!!!


'Call to Men' focuses on domestic violence

Are we as a society raising the next abuser's by teaching little boys more of how to not act like a sissy, that it isn't teaching our sons to act like real men?, Top Stories - 'Call to Men' focuses on domestic violence


Community response crucial to tackling domestic violence

These two women talk about the abuse they went through as children and how they have turned that into a positive thing in thier lives by using it to help others. A quote from each of the women:

“Our system has a lot of control issues,” said Connelly. “We need to be more focused on what the heck is wrong with people.”

“My mom didn’t know that hitting was abuse. It is so important to talk about violence as much as we can so people know its not O.K.,” added Palmer. “Violence is learned, batters become batters after watching violence.”

The Herald Review - Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Domestic Violence: A Reality to Overcome - News

Domestic Violence: A Reality to Overcome - News
This is one woman's approach to trying to help others, this article cites several statistics and gives their references also. An overall good read! At the end she says:"Bufford hopes that others can learn from her unfortunate experiences and has these words of wisdom to impart on her peers and colleagues: "I want people to know that it [domestic violence] could happen to anyone. We don't know what is happening to the people around us. Acknowledge the fact that anyone around us could be living a life we would consider unimaginable. Be kinder to one another. Our negative words could be adding fuel to the fire, but positive words could be soothing to someone's pain."Now read the rest of the article and leave your comments, please!Domestic Violence: A Reality to Overcome - News

For domestic violence victims, help doesn't end when police leave the scene

For domestic violence victims, help doesn't end when police leave the scene
Read how this police department is handling follow-up on DV related calls. This is so great! At least a step in the right direction.Does your local police department do this, or anything like this, please let us know by leaving a comment!

Top Stories--For domestic violence victims, help doesn't end when police leave the scene

Viet Nam News--Domestic violence law to protect women, families

This article origianlly invoked joy in me that they are finally making laws in Veitnam to protect women against DV. I have friends from there and they still have family there, so this sparked my attention when I saw it. It is great that the country is starting to take steps to proctect thier citizens with DV laws and that is definetly a step in the right direction. However, I was disgusted to read that the biggest portion of the dabate stemmed from the Sexual Abuse claus, because Sexual Abuse has been taboo and such a sensitive topic there for so long. They argued over how to determine action against Sexual Abuse because it is a personal matter, and even stated that "While agreeing that women were victims in most cases of sexual abuse, some delegates raised concerns on the clause prohibiting sexual abuse as it was difficult to be enforced. Though many women delegates called for defining types of sexual abuse to overcome the problem, they found it hard to define such actions and set sanctions for them." Now that is what made me the article and please leave a comment, I'd like to have others opinions on this!

Viet Nam News--Domestic violence law to protect women, families


Abusers reform then help others

Both of these articles make a really good point, that yes an abuser can reform and yes them reaching out to others can help. I do not agree that all abusers can be reformed but I do feel that there should be something in place in our system where people who feel themselves going down the road to being an abuser can go to get help. Right now the accepted norm is that it isn't called or classified as abuse until the "Abuse Cycle" has been repeated three times. Well, if there were programs in place that an individual could reach out to for help after say the second time, I believe alot of lives and broken homes and broken people would be saved. Currently if someone were to go asking for help, by saying that they have already committed the act of abuse once or twice, instead of help they would be prosecuted, and all the while we have others getting by with it daily. Please read the articles, and leave your comments, this is something I'm really ready to get out into the public view!

Farmington Daily Times - Domestic violence offender shares his story Reformed batterer’s story offers lessons on domestic violence

mm - Local & Regional: Even tough domestic violence cases need prosecuting - Local & Regional: Even tough domestic violence cases need prosecuting


November 1, 2006

Congressman, wife acknowledge State Police visit

I'm going to follow this up tomorrow and see if he really does go and sign the permission waiver to have the real report released. I hope for his wife's sake this really is made up and not true!

The Post-Star :: News


Canadian Community success story

This is a success story of what one community in Canada is doing. I think this could be a model for other communities, it would just take some work!

Waterloo Chronicle


October 31, 2006

Marshall Democrat-News: Story: Domestic Violence: The hidden story/Domestic shelter is 'guiding light' out of abusive relationships

I missed the first two parts of this three part article but this third part brings up a point that has been discussed on many levels. Teaching people how to break the cycle of abuse. It also discusses abuse prevention in the terms of dealing with the abuser to try to prevent abuse. A good overall read!

Marshall Democrat-News: Story: Domestic Violence: The hidden story/Domestic shelter is 'guiding light' out of abusive relationships


October 29, 2006

New DV Act in India

The women of India have long awaited a day when they would be able to acuse men in thier country of mistreating and abusing them. Their day has finally came. Last week the Domestic Violence Act of 2005 was finally a law! One complaint and arrest has been made so far. This new act covers almost all thier women, which is a start in the right direction for them. It protects not only wives and live in counterparts but also the sisters, mothers, mother-in-laws and female children, against any abuse or threat of abuse. The penalty is RS 20,000 (which is approx. $444.40) fine and maybe prison time after a trial. Hey, this may not be the BEST plan I've heard but this IS a breath of fresh air for these women! If you'd like to read some about it yourself there are some articles below....

'Domestic Violence Act to have deterrent effect'Hindu - Chennai,India Shillong, Oct 27. (PTI): As the Domestic Violence Act comes into effect from on Thursday, Meghalaya's State Women Commission (MSWC) Chairperson Biloris Lyndem ...Domestic violence Act comes into force Times of India - India LUCKNOW: The Protection of Women Against Domestic Violence Act 2005, came virtually into force in the state on Thursday. The Act ...
AIDWA hails Domestic Violence ActHindu - Chennai,India NEW DELHI: T he All India Democratic Women's Association (AIDWA) has welcomed the Domestic Violence Act that took effect from Thursday, saying the Act, for the ...
Domestic Violence Act in place but no mechanism: NGOs - New Delhi,India New Delhi, October 26: The Domestic Violence Act comes into effect from today but NGOs in the city say "mechanisms to provide proper protection to women ...
Domestic Violence Act 2005 becomes operational in state Navhind Times - Panjim,India Panaji, Oct 26: The Domestic Violence Act 2005 primarily meant to provide protection to the wife or female live-in partner comes in effect from today in the ...
The ramifications of the Domestic Violence Act, 2005Zee News - Noida,India Domestic violence or more simply violence at home is an invasion on one's right to live safely. It infringes on ones basic right ...
Man arrested under Domestic Violence ActHindu - Chennai,India 28 (PTI): In perhaps the first case booked under the provisions of the new Domestic Violence Act 2005 in the country, Tamil Nadu police today arrested a man at ...
Domestic violence : Govt employee bookedTimes of India - India ... employee of the public sector Tamil Nadu Water and Drainage Board has become the first person to be arrested under the recently introduced Domestic Violence Act ...


October 9, 2006

I had to put in interity this next article, and it should be read by any that are in the DV Feild. She speaks truth! Thank You Deana Mueller for helping us Break the Silence!

Domestic violence affects the whole family
By: Deanna Mueller
October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month and as such, is a good time to look at what domestic violence is, how it impacts our community and what is being done to stop it.
Domestic Violence, loosely defined, is violence in the home. It is an attempt to gain or maintain control over another person through the use of violent and coercive behaviors.

It affects as many as 1 in 3 women at some point in their life. Children living in homes where violence is displayed are seriously impacted, even if they are not being physically abused. Nearly 100 percent of abusers experienced some form of family violence as children, and many victims also report having been abused as a child.

As director of Polk County House of Hope, an emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Bolivar, I see first-hand what domestic violence does to a family. Many people associate domestic violence and abuse with a physical act committed against a woman, by a man, involving a black eye or a broken bone, but the emotional, financial and social consequences that come as a result of abuse have far-reaching effects on families and communities.

First, the emotional consequences many victims experience range from post-traumatic stress disorder to difficulty developing healthy relationships and trusting people. The financial aspects of abuse can be devastating. The medical, legal and housing costs can go into the thousands of dollars and cause victims to choose between legal representation or a house payment. There are resources available to help victims with legal and medical costs, but those resources are difficult to find and usually not enough to cover all of the expenses.

The social consequences are difficult to measure. Probably the most accurate way to summarize the social consequences of abuse is to say that (as I've already mentioned) nearly 100 percent of abusers report having experienced or witnessed abuse while growing up. This means that the little ones growing up in homes where violence is occurring, their chances of becoming abusers or victims when they are adults increases significantly.

So what is being done to address this problem? It takes cooperation and assistance on all levels to prevent and deter something as big as domestic violence. And many area agencies are working together to do just that. Agencies such as the health department, area schools, Citizens Memorial Hospital, local law enforcement agencies, OACAC and many more provide services that help victims become survivors, through case management, housing resources and referrals, counseling, job skills training and more.

The House of Hope was the result of several caring and dedicated individuals and area agencies coming together to address and solve this problem. Since the shelter opened its doors in 2003, about 100 area women and children have received emergency shelter and ongoing support services. The shelter operates at full capacity almost 100 percent of the time and, unfortunately, turns away an average of five women and seven children per month. Women and children who are turned away are given the option of placement and transportation to another area shelter.

If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Domestic Violence hotline at (800) 799-7233 (SAFE) or the House of Hope at 298-3439. All calls are confidential, and phones are answered 24 hours per day, seven days per week. To find out how you can get involved with the shelter, call 399-6744.

Deana Mueller is director of Polk County House of Hope and an intern with the Bolivar Herald-Free Press.
Extra funds set to fortify child welfare
Unprecedented budget increase lifts hopes at DSS
Posted on Tue, Oct. 03, 2006
"After years of budget cuts and low national rankings, the S.C. Department of Social Services is poised to receive its largest one-year budget increase in the agency's history, a move that officials say will fuel a turnaround for the department charged with ensuring the safety of the state's most vulnerable residents - its children."

This follows the coat tail of the mistake that cost a family to loose their children, then regain them after a judge ruled that their children should never have been taken to begin with. Children that saw what a Pscyh ward looks like first hand, and the horrors of our system. Children that will be forever changed from this experience. The reason? Too much of a case load...........

"A $14.3 million increase in the agency's budget for the 2006-07 fiscal year will add 350 new permanent child welfare workers, restore the foster care board rate, provide matching funds for some group homes and emergency shelters, and partially fund a projected adoptions subsidy deficit, DSS officials said."

Isn't this what the standards required to begin with? Why was this money not delivered before this year?

"If all goes well, South Carolina will become one of a few - or maybe the only - states in the nation with the average of 12 cases per foster care worker recommended by the Child Welfare League of America. Some workers have as many as three times that number today."

This is a sad fact that we must all worry about. Most states have workers with 48 cases per foster care worker. How do we expect those workers to not make mistakes? How do we expect our children to be safe? YET, it continues, and our children pay the price...........
Guest Columnist: Domestic violence thrives on silence
That's why it's important to break the silence
Oct. 03,2006
I could truly touch on many topics that Ms. Wilk touches on in this article, she hits the nail on the head with the words; "When you break the silence, you break the cycle." This month, DV Awareness Month, this is what we must begin, and continue it all year long.

"Nationally, domestic violence, it is estimated, touches someone's life every seven seconds." States Ms. Wilk. "I believe if we could peek into homes, we would find it even more prevalent than that."

She is so right about this! How many suffer in silence? How many are too afraid to call 911 in an emergency? How many times have we found out after a tragic death that the Victim had been abused for years? Too often this happens, and the silence is what keeps DV alive and strong.
Silence is evil's closest ally. --Gary Amirault
This October, let's bring the Silence closer to the end.
St. Mary's Sheriff Receives Multiple Grants
Posted on October 02, 2006

This grant may actually help out St. Mary's County in Maryland if it is actually implemented!

"$20,000 goes to improving the effectiveness of the Sex Offender Registry Unit by increasing the number of follow-up verifications of registry information, called Project "Verify"." This will help make sure that the Sex Offenders are where they state they are, and followed closer so that less Sex Offenders can slip through the cracks.

"$14,340 to continue Project "SAVE" (Sheriff's Anti-Violence Enforcement Unit) the Domestic Violence Unit which is designed to coordinate the law enforcement response to victims." This will give the Director of the unit more time to actually assist DV Victims!

"$15,000 in additional monies for Project "SAVE" the Victims to enhance existing service efforts and meet the District and Circuit Court's guidelines for efficiency and promptness in serving the ex-partes and protective orders." This is greatly needed! So often victims attempt to get protective orders, and they take longer then needed to obtain. This grant money will enable the unit to also get a deputy in position to help decrease the time it takes to put in the information of the PO into the database and getting it to the assailant/suspect.

The other dispersement of this grant shows that finally a step has been made in the right direction. Only time will tell just how affective this grant will become.
School absences lead agency to remove daughters for weeks

This news story truly disturbs me. Worse, Myrtle Beach is about 2 hours from me, and I know that this area that I live in is just about as hard hit, and without enough help.
In this news story, it mentions that the father was an abuser for at least the last 10 years, and was mandated to get parenting and anger management help, same with the mother. I don't believe that anger management helps much, and that those with anger issues only come home even more mad then when they went in. Who wouldn't after being put down and pushed for an hour by someone that just doesn't seem to care??? What help was there for the Victim in this case???? What counseling was given to her or her daughters? NONE. That's only one problem that this story presents.
No help, a daughter with many health issues, absenses at school, and instead of getting the help that family desperately needed, the children were put into a Psychiatric Hospital because they were diagnosed with PTSD. Of course they had PTSD with what they had been through!!! The daughter thinking that she was the reason for deaths, the beatings she saw her father give her mother, the family was in shambles! Yet, the system didn't help those problems, but created more.
While in the Psychiatric Hospital, the children saw even greater atrosities. Children trying to commit suicide, children acting out against the adults there, and them being punished for not being able to deal with it all.
Why is the system failing our families? Why is the system that was set to protect and support our families failing? One reason is a heavy case load and not enough workers. The other is because the system is not set up with enough support services to provide for the needs of an ever failing society.
Read below, and you make your decision...........

September 26, 2006

Father Stabs Wife, Toddler in Rush-Hour Traffic

This is a horror story. The husband stabs his wife multiple times in the car in a traffic jam. When she gets out to get help, he then turns on the 2 year old girl, and starts stabbing her, continuing until the kitchen knife he is stabbing with becomes stuck in her head.

He then drove away, side swiping the Deputies car, hitting his wife (throwing her 20-40 feet), then sped off. Only after knocking down at least 3 utility poles was he stopped after his car hurtled through the air and landed overturned onto another vehicle.

The Husband and Wife had been married for 6 years, but was seperated at the time of the incident.

This horrible show of Violence I hope shows Society that Domestic Violence is NOT a family matter!!!!!! This is a Criminal Act!!! He should be tried as a criminal, as all Domestic Violence cases should be tried. Is it not criminal to harm another human being no matter what the living situation is??

Father Stabs Wife, Toddler in Rush-Hour Traffic

BATON ROUGE, La. (Sept. 23) - A man repeatedly stabbed his toddler and estranged wife along an interstate while horrified people watched from their cars in rush-hour traffic Friday night, police and witnesses said.
The Associated Press
This is an unfortunate reminder of why a Victim must stay away from an Abuser after an Order of Protection is filed. There's always a reason to get one, and it stays a good reason to stay away............

UPDATE: Interstate Stabbing Suspect Had History of Domestic Violence

Sep 26, 2006 12:30 AM EDT
People are still shaking their heads about the horrifying incident that took place last Friday. 27-year-old Jimmie Dixon allegedly stabbed his wife and his 2-year-old daughter on the interstate. WAFB's Keitha Nelson has more on the bizarre turn of events.

Dixon's wife filed for an order of protection for herself and her three children on September 8 against Jimmie Dixon. She alleges that just 2 days prior he threatened to kill her and himself. In her petition, Mrs. Dixon says her husband picked her up by the neck and slammed her on a concrete slab.

As a part of the recommendations on the domestic abuse petition, the court ordered Dixon to pay an estimated $850 in child support for all three of their children. Mrs. Dixon was also awarded the couple's Lincoln Continental. Dixon was ordered to stay away from his wife, but her father says she went to him.

Family members say it was on Spanish Town Road where Mrs. Dixon brought her two-year-old daughter to see her father. Reports say he later kidnapped them both and headed south on the interstate.

Mrs. Dixon is back at home with her family, and tells WAFB 9 News that she's holding up pretty well. Her two-year-old daughter is still in Our Lady of the Lake Hospital in stable condition.

September 25, 2006

Fighting Over the Kids
Battered spouses take aim at a controversial custody strategy.
I cried when I read the following article from Newsweek, and I'm going to go and get a copy just for this story. There is hope, and we are making a difference!!!!!
UAADV has a group for Non-Custodial Mothers, who group together and network to help each other through the travestries of what they are enduring. These women network with other organisations, with lawyers, advocates, and those that are in the fight against what is being done to them. Finally, someone is listening! This gives hope to all of those that have been fighting in silence. Thank You Newsweek for helping Break the Silence!!!!!!
Too many times this happens, too many children are suffering with the abuser they saw hitting their Mother. Remember, they aren't abused or hurt once they are hit, right???? As long as the Father has never hit a child, he is a good Father, right????? Too many judges don't understand the psychological affect DV in the home has on our children. Too many times DV Survivors loose their children to their abuser, because he knows how to play the system. 90% of the Non-Custodial Mothers we have on our list are also DV Survivors, that isn't by accident!
PAS (Parent Alienation Syndrom) is used too often, and too affectively, by abusers to take away the children and retain control of the victim they can no longer abuse physically. They continue to psychologically abuse the Mother, financially abuse her through Child Support that she is hard pressed to pay and doesn't want to pay her abuser (I know that if I was an NCM, and my abuser could afford to support my children, I wouldn't give him a dime and would happily go to jail). Continually smears her name and lies to courts about what a bad Mother she is to keep the kids away from him, because he can! Once an abuser has the support of the system, there is no way a NCM can fight back! So many horror stories, so many lost children. How better to hurt their former victims then to take away her children?????
Newsweek Health
Sept. 25, 2006 issue - It took six years for Genia Shockome to gather the courage to leave her husband, Tim. He pushed her, kicked her and insulted her almost from the moment they married in 1994, she says. She tried to start over with their children when the family moved from Texas to Poughkeepsie, N.Y. It didn't last long. Tim called her constantly at work and, after they split up, pounded on her door and screamed obscenities, she alleged in a complaint filed in 2001. Tim was charged with harassment. As part of a plea deal, Tim agreed to a stay-away order—but denies ever abusing her or the children. In custody hearings over the past six years, Tim has insisted that he's been a good father, and argued that Genia's allegations poisoned their children against him. The judge sided with Tim. This summer he was granted full custody of the kids, now 11 and 9. Genia was barred from contacting them.
There's a small but growing movement to ban parental alienation in custody cases, sparked by embattled parents bonding online. They've linked with lawyers and advocates for battered spouses across the country. At least four states, including California, have laws protecting parents who make good-faith abuse allegations. Others may soon follow their lead. Greg Jacob, an attorney who takes cases for abused parents pro bono, is drafting legislation to shop to Virginia and Maryland next month. Meanwhile, parents like Genia keep fighting. "It's so hard, having my children lost," she says, her voice breaking. "This was my life—my children."
Concern Grows Over Child Abuse
Reading this shows me just how far America has come, and how far many other places need to go. At least here in America, even though some programs aren't being enforced, at least we have them in place.
"There is also however the argument that introducing a tracking system and database would potentially make it dangerous for perpetrators because of vigilantism."
There is always a danger for this, in any country, but, isn't it better to have it and insure the safety of the populace, then to not have it? Stiff penalties for those that do kill offenders can hamper that, but what would happen if they are not tracked? It would be like here in America, where Sexual Offenders move and don't inform the system that is supposed to be keeping an eye on them, and yet, the system doesn't find out until months later, when the Offenders whereabouts is unknown. So many Offenders are loose and are living without the system knowing where. Is that truly protecting our children?
"There are numerous examples in which people are seen with certain persons within the community who are known offenders. We have also noticed that many of our young people are coming into danger because of neglect and it is so sad sometimes that it is not until after something happens that attention is placed on such a critical issue. I always go back to the community," Mr. Dames said.
Isn't this true in America? Isn't it true that DV is forgotten until you hear yet another horror story in the news? Until a family member is affected? Is DV truly understood to be the crisis situation that it is? So many times the system fails yet another victim, another family. So many times there are programs in place to help protect the innocent, yet, it falls short and the victim pays, many times with their lives.
"At the end of the day, all of us have a vested responsibility of ensuring that our kids are not abused, which first starts in the home and so it is all well and good if these (proposals) are going to have the effect that we anticipate, but we should not abdicate our responsibility…We need to build on strengthening families."
Amen to that! So many times we do rely on the system too much. We trust schools to teach our children, daycares to watch our children, police officers to protect us, and the courts to enforce. But, doesn't all of this have to start at home? Because the schools are teaching our children, should we as parents stop? Because daycares are watching our children, should we not watch that daycare to insure they are doing their jobs? Police Officers can only do so much, we are responsible for our safety, and in making it so that our children are safe. Courts can enforce, but only if you have the presence of mind to have evidence to substantiate your claim.
America may have a long way to go, as new stories of horrors unfold every day show, but I am glad that we have programs in affect to help us protect our children and our families. I pray that in years to come, more programs and laws are passed to fill in the holes..........

Support is fast growing in some circles for more stringent provisions in the Sexual Offences Act, particularly following the alleged rape of a six-year-old girl last week, which left many outraged and others saddened.
A 32-year-old man has since been arraigned in connection with the crime. Andrew Bridgewater was charged last Monday with forcible detention and unlawful sexual intercourse. He is on remand at Her Majesty’s Prison.

September 24, 2006

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September 22, 2006

Domestic violence investigation targets Manteca Police officerManteca Bulletin - Manteca,CA,USAA Manteca Police officer is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of a domestic violence investigation. The officer was ...

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September 21, 2006

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September 20, 2006

This article about the Teen-violence hotline is long but well worth the read!

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Teen-violence hot line is planned

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Mandatory domestic violence reporting considered by coronerABC Message Stick - Sydney,AustraliaMARK COLVIN: The Northern Territory Coroner is investigating whether to force health clinics to report cases of domestic violence. ...

PM - Mandatory domestic violence reporting considered by coroner

September 16, 2006

Domestic Violence nevers pays...

La Pine Domestic Violence Call Ends in Officer-involved Shooting ...Bend Weekly - Bend,OR,USADeschutes County Sheriff’s officers and Oregon State Police troopers responding to a domestic violence call in La Pine on Friday shot and fatally wounded a ...See all stories on this topic

Bend Weekly News for Bend Oregon

Playground Bully is more likely to be exposed to Violence at Home
Many of us can relate to being bullied or knowing a bully from school. Maybe you even have a child that has had to go through being bullied.
This article deals with a study that they did at the University of Washington and the Indiana University. Researchers collected data from an ongoing Seattle Social Development Project and the Intergenerational Projects. They reasearched 112 children from the ages of 6-12 for their study.
There were 34 percent of the children in this group that had bullied another child, while 73 percent of the children said they were a victim to a bully in that last year. Out of the bully group, almost all of them, 97 percent, said they also were victims of a bully.
This study also looked at causes for a child to bully. They believe that there is a correlation of domestic violence that causes children to bully at school. According to a federal study conducted in 2000, there are roughly 3.3 – 10 million children that have witnessed domestic violence at home on an annual basis.
I could get into the numbers and the study, but we all know how bad bullying can be in schools. What this study doesn't state is just how many children live in a home with domestic violence. It does state that according to a federal study conducted in 2000, there are roughly 3.3-10 million children that have witnessed domestic violence on an annual basis. That number is staggering!! Too bad that number has grown in the past 6 years!
From a woman who was bullied as a child; a survivor of both child abuse and domestic violence from my adult relationships; to a mother of a child that has lived through domestic violence in the home and has been abused and bullied at school, this article was of interest to me. I always knew that children that bullied had to learn it somewhere, and believed that children learn what they see at home. I also believe that bullies act out what they see, but also that many bullies are children that are hurting inside. They have no where else to take their pain but another child that is weaker then them. That is what their abusive parent does, isn't it? They haven't learned how to communicate, the only communication at home is violence, so is it surprising that they do this in school?
Being bullied hurts, the mental scares can stay for a long time, many suicides happen because that person was bullied at school. It crushes self esteem, and can create fear in a child when they should feel protected at school. This doesn't always happen. Unfortunately, schools can't control every move of a child, and many schools do not respond appropriately when handling a bully. Telling parents of a bully about theirr behavior only creates more violence in the family when the child gets home. Not giving the bully counceling is only adding fuel to the fire for further outbreaks. It is yet anothe wheel of violence, this one for children that carries into adulthood.
We already know as well that many of the inmates in jails were abused as children, or grew up in an abusive home. Many were bullies, many don't know how to communicate or share their feelings. Many resort to drugs or alcohol to help them with the feelings and memories they don't know how to handle. Who is the victim?
This study touches on many good points, but also doesn't go deep enough into the problem, and how to solve it. 10 million children annually are touched by domestic violence in THEIR HOME! This is a stagering amount in which something needs to be done, or when they grow up, Society is going to pay a heavier price..............
“Physicians and teachers should be sensitive that when children display behavior issues that the possibility of domestic violence in the family exists. Not all children exposed to violence will respond in the same way, but there are many indirect effects and problems that you can see, such as engaging in bullying, not being able to make friends, not eating or those with extended school absences. But not all bullies come from violent families,” Bauer said.

September 15, 2006

DV affects American Indian women in a different way than most of us would think. Because of the way tribes are and the society they live in they do not have the resource that are available to others. This grant is a major step for them.

Effort to curb domestic violence gets major grantDuluth News Tribune - Duluth,MN,USAA Duluth-based effort to reduce domestic violence and sexual assaults against American Indian women is getting a major financial boost. ...

NC Attorney General is set to receive mail on be-half of DV victims. The Office of the Attorney General will then forward the mail to the victim, ensuring that abusers won't have the address of the victims. This is great!! When an abuser searches public information files to accquire thier victims address they will find instead the Attorney Generals Office address, thus preventing more violence!

Cooper Touts Domestic Violence - Raleigh-Durham-Fayetteville,NC,USABy Ed Crump. (09/14/06 -- RALEIGH) - Attorney General Roy Cooper says a program to protect victims of domestic violence is working. ... Cooper Touts Domestic Violence Protection
Family in El Paso want to warn others of what DV can do......

mily Says Sister was Victim of Domestic ViolenceKXTS-TV - El Paso,TX,USA... 14, 2006 — A daughter is left without her mother after a domestic dispute goes ... Here in el paso woman can call the center against family violence their hot ...


September 14, 2006

Having civilain advocates in the police stations is a great idea and a huge step towards ensuring that DV cases are handled. Finally there will be someone there to tell the victims what is available for them:
"Each police department will also be offered a civilian police advocate who would work in the station with the police in gathering domestic violence incident reports whether or not the incident involved an arrest.
Courtney Cahill, who is the director of the domestic violence division at DA Timothy Cruz’s office, explained the advocates would communicate with victims and let them know the services that are available."

Delahunt: domestic violence at root of most crimeNorwell Mariner - Marshfield,MA,USAUS Rep. William Delahunt stated in no uncertain terms Monday that domestic violence is a social ill that is at the root of most crime. ... - Local News: Delahunt: domestic violence at root of most crime