May 30, 2008

Dennis Rodman Charged With Domestic Violence

LOS ANGELES — Prosecutors in Los Angeles have charged former NBA star Dennis Rodman with domestic violence for allegedly hitting his girlfriend at a hotel last month.

A spokesman for the Los Angeles city attorney says Rodman was charged Wednesday with spousal battery, brandishing a deadly weapon and dissuading a witness. The charges are misdemeanors.

Rodman, who's 46, was arrested April 30 after Gina Peterson called hotel security. Police say she suffered injuries to her arm.

A spokesman for Rodman says he had had too much to drink when he got into an altercation with Peterson and says the couple are still dating.

Rodman's attorney says, quote, "We look forward to a successful resolution of this misdemeanor matter."

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May 29, 2008

Wife of actor Bill Murray files for divorce

(AP) -- The wife of entertainer Bill Murray wants a divorce after nearly 11 years of marriage.

Jennifer Butler Murray filed papers May 12th in Charleston County, South Carolina, where she owns a home.

The complaint was first reported by The Post and Courier of Charleston. It alleges abusive behavior, drug and alcohol addiction, and frequent abandonment by the former "Saturday Night Live" star.

An attorney for Murray says the actor is deeply saddened by the breakup and is committed to the best interests of the couple's four children.

dv, domestic, domestic violence, violence, victims,UAADV, uaadv,United Angels Against Domestic Violence

New fee targets domestic violence

Beginning next week, Illinois counties will begin collecting an extra $5 from those seeking marriage licenses. The money will be used to pay for legal counseling and services aimed at the state's growing number of domestic violence cases.... New fee targets domestic violence -- --

Put Volunteer Attorneys to Work for Domestic Violence Survivors

Write Your Senators

Survivors of domestic abuse face enough adversity. With legal assistance often beyond their reach, abused women may experience the justice system as yet another hurdle to overcome. Tell Congress you agree that survivors of domestic abuse should have access to the same legal resources so readily available to more fortunate and affluent members of society.

The National Domestic Violence Volunteer Attorney Network Act (S.1515), introduced by Senator Joe Biden (D-Del), meets this demand for legal assistance by setting in motion an effort to mobilize 100,000 volunteer attorneys willing to work on behalf of survivors of abuse.

Go to the National Organization of Women's website to send letters of support for S1515 to your senators.

May 27, 2008

Shattered LOVE, Broken LIVES

More than 60 articles, published over 11 days, explore domestic violence it's causes, it's victims, and some solutions.... - Shattered LOVE, Broken LIVES - Your link to SouthCoast Massachusetts and beyond

Victims of Domestic Violence Stay with Abusers out of Fear

Recently there was a comment left on this blog asking why a neighbor should help and why the victim doesn't just leave....the comment went on to say that if a victim stays whatever happens is then on the victim...The following article sheds some light on this topic... Victims of Domestic Violence Stay with Abusers out of Fear

Please read the two comments posted at the bottom of the article above.

May 25, 2008

New weapon in war on domestic violence

I think all states should start doing this if they aren't already:
New weapon in war on domestic violence
Victims of domestic violence and their children will be able to avoid
face-to-face courtroom encounters and instead use teleconferencing to testify in
divorce and custody proceedings, under a new law.

When domestic violence erupts, what should a neighbor do?

There are many things that a neighbor could do ....but will they? Most won't, some think about it and then there are the few that will really help. If you have a neighbor that you suspect is suffering fom Domestic Violence, please take the time to read through this article. It gives suggestions for what you can do and how to help. One thing I feel that this article left out is that you can call the police if you hear the screaming. You can tell them you would rather not be identifid to the abuser, to protect yourself and your family. That way you can remain safe while still helping a battered woman become safe!
After enduring seven months of escalating violence — including strangling, smothering and beatings with pieces of smashed furniture — an Alabama woman escaped her abusive boyfriend when a concerned neighbor offered shelter and brought her to the police.
Read more here: When domestic violence erupts, what should a neighbor do?

Frederick Wiseman's Domestic Violence

The DVD Domestic Violence by Federick Wiseman, takes us into a DV Shelter. This film shows us what leads up to a woman going to a shelter and what happens once she is there.

Wiseman doesn't linger too long at the crime scenes. It's enough to see one woman covered in her own blood, punched so hard in a blow upside the jaw that her own teeth have cut one side of her face wide open. As she gradually comes out of the initial shock of being beaten she realizes that her shoulder, probably dislocated, hurts really bad and she's soon screaming in agony.

To read the entire review and/or purchase a copy of Domestic Violence please follow this link:

Domestic Violence Review

May 20, 2008

Mary Kay Helps End the Violence

As part of a global effort, Mary Kay is donating its profits from the Beauty that Counts™ campaign to change the lives of women and children.

Through the sale of Creme Lipstick in Apple Berry, Mary Kay is sponsoring Break the Cycle's groundbreaking Ending Violence DVD – an interactive domestic violence prevention tool especially designed to educate teens about building healthier, happier relationships.

Visit the Break the Cycle website.

May 14, 2008

Authorities urge state to help curb child abuse

Although I am glad that they are trying to do something some things just need to be worded differently sometimes...let's only try to prevent child abuse to elp ourselves later on down the line is what this reads to me....
Citing a report released Tuesday that found curbing child abuse could lead to a
decrease in violent crime, officials urged state lawmakers to beef up funding
for child- abuse prevention programs for at-risk families.
Authorities urge state to help curb child abuse -- --

Escalating family violence, economy blamed | The Australian

CHILDREN are increasingly being identified as victims of family violence in Victoria, with reported incidents increasing by 42 per cent in four years.... Escalating family violence, economy blamed The Australian

May 12, 2008

May 11, 2008

What You Can Do To Help Prevent Domestic Violence

By Winnie Williams
May 8, 2008 - 12:00 a.m. EST

Winnie Williams

Special to the Daily Journal/Messenger

Winnie Williams

Criminal domestic violence is the number one crime problem in South Carolina, according to the Attorney General’s report in 2006. He also reports that a woman is battered 12 to 15 times before she reports the abuse to law officials to file a report. According to the SC Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse, Oconee County ranks 36th out of 45 counties in incidents of domestic violence with 429 abuses reported, Pickens County ranks 42nd with 382 abuses, and Anderson County ranks 14th with 1480 abuses reported. These figures represent an approximate number of women violated by a partner each year in South Carolina.

The above incidence rates should be a wake-up call for immediate action to combat this criminal dilemma in our community. Not only do we have obligations to rescue women from violence, but also the eight million plus children each year who are at risk from witnessing domestic violence in their homes. A boy who witnesses his father’s domestic violence is 10 times more likely to engage in domestic violence than a boy from a nonviolent home (SCCADVAS). A worthy goal would be to have a violence-free generation.

How can a community address this most prevalent crime? It will "take a village” working together to significantly impact this mammoth problem, but it can happen by one person or organization at a time daring to take the initiative to become an advocate for battered victims.

The following are suggestions for communities who desire to address the domestic violence issue:

— Alert the public.

— Ensure that our county, school and libraries have books related DV.

— Help our communities become aware of the availability of programs.

— Make people aware of Hotlines and Safe Homes.

— Become aware of laws for DV.

— Encourage law enforcement officers to be aggressive.

— Encourage schools to provide education resources for teens.

Additional research needs to be done to determine, for example, how youth violence is linked to aggression at home. A study by Dr. Kurt Fischer, of Harvard/Brandeis University found that “Violence by youngsters 7-13 is more related to the amount of aggression children witness in their parents and is a powerful predictor of how violent children will become.” These children learn to use violent behavior as a solution to their problems. Stopping domestic violence can come through political will and determination. Contacting your legislators to develop and enforce strong laws regarding domestic violence would be a muscular deterrent to violence.

There are multiple means of tackling this horrible crime, and many resources are available that have not been tapped. Dollars do help in providing a safe haven for women and children, but the greatest challenge is the prevention of the abuse in the first place. Prevention is the key to solving this age-old problem that tends to be disregarded and often unnoticed by communities.


May 10, 2008

Family Courts State Profiles

Alabama Administrative Office of the Courts Family Court Division: Features history and mission of Court Improvement Program, Juvenile Services, volunteers, visitation, court referees, training, program information, and an organizational chart. Also includes links to state and federal resources and organizations for family court-related issues.

Jefferson County Family Court: Jurisdiction, maps, contact information, programs, drug court, teen court, mental health services, training and volunteers, and child support.

Judicial Council of California, Center for Families, Children, and the Courts: case summaries, reports, program information, and resources.

Placer County Family Court Clinic.

San Francisco Superior Court, Unified Family Court: contact information, FAQs about various processes, local rules, delinquency, child support, dependency, mediation, family law facilitator, juvenile traffic, forms, maps.

Santa Clara County Family Court

Superior Court of California, County of Orange Family Law Court.

Family Court of Delaware: History, court rules and fees, structure, and other information is available on the site. See especially the Family Court Performance Standards and Measures, an application of the Trial Court Performance Standards to the Delaware Family Court (December 1999). See also Delaware State Personnel Office, Quality Counts: A Manual of Family Court Performance Measurement (Wilmington, DE: December 2002).

Family Court Initiative: rules, opinions, standards, pro se information, reports, and other information.

Fourth Judicial Circuit (Clay, Duval and Nassau counties) Family Court Services: forms, Family Nurturing Center, divorce, drug court, foster care review, mediation, guardian ad litem, and other information.

Superior Court of the Atlanta Judicial Circuit, Family Division

Hawaii Family Courts Web site includes rules, forms, records, fees and other relevant information related to Hawaii family courts.

Family Court of East Baton Rouge Parish.

Fourth Judicial District Court Family and Domestic Rules (Ouachita and Morehouse Parish)

Family Division includes contact information, publications, Division goals, FAQ, and more.

Department of Family Administration includes information about and links to the Committees on Family Law; foster care; forms; juvenile delinquency; legal resources; local coordinators and circuit court family divisions; publications; family services; and treatment/evaluative services.

Massachusetts Court System, Probate and Family Court: jurisdiction and contact information. Also includes links to the following probate and family courts, plus contacts, directions, hours, fax and e-filing information, jurisdiction, etc.:

Barnstable Probate and Family Court

Berkshire Probate and Family Court

Bristol Probate and Family Court includes ADA information.

Dukes County Probate and Family Court

Essex Probate and Family Court

Franklin County Probate and Family Court

Hampden Probate and Family Court

Hampshire Probate and Family Court

Middlesex Probate and Family Court includes press release (June 23, 2003) regarding Family Law Information Center.

Nantucket Probate and Family Court

Norfolk Probate and Family Court

Plymouth County Probate and Family Court: directory, court statistics, forms, pamphlets, filing and fees, probate court, information for pro-se litigants, common legal, terms, parent education programs, legal assistance, legal research links, scheduling information, trial lists, motion calendars, probation, domestic relations, paternity, equity, change of name, adoption, abuse prevention, trial. See also general information.

Suffolk Probate and Family Court

Worcester Probate and Family Court

Calhoun County: biographies of family court judges, contact information for court staff, and information about SMILE (Start Making It Livable for Everyone), a program for divorcing families.

St. Clair County Family Division contact information.

Washtenaw County Family Division links to probate, juvenile, mental health services, guardianships, and judge profiles, opinion bank, friend of the court, resources on family violence and other domestic relations issues.

Anoka County District Court, Family Division general information and services.

Dakota County Family Court contact information, forms, and self-help center.

Fourth Judicial District (Hennepin County): overview, records, FAQs, divorce education requirements, guardian ad litem program. Very comprehensive site.

Isanti County Family Services

Second District Special Courts Division (Ramsey County) contacts and forms.

Sherburne County District Court, Family Division mission and phone number.

Fifteenth Chancery District, Copiah and Lincoln Counties. Jurisdiction (equity—includes divorce and custody), history, divorce information, visitation guidelines, contacts, plus log-in for registered users (attorneys and administration

Family Court in Jackson County, Missouri.

Clark County Family Court: Forms, records, codes, divorce information, e-filing information, link to online case inquiry.

Washoe County Family Court (mouse over "family division" for judges and calendar.)

New Hampshire
Family Division history, annual report, mediation, neutral case evaluation, guardians ad litem, and goals.

New Jersey

Family Practice Division comprehensive site with overview, mediator roster, domestic violence information and initiatives, domestic violence procedures manual, parenting time, forms, reports, and information for litigants.

Passaic County Family Division: contact information, general description, intake information, program outlines.

Somerset County Family Division (Somerset/Hunterdon/Warren Vicinage): information about delinquency, non-dissolution, dissolution, domestic violence, family crisis intervention, child abuse and neglect, child placement, and adoption.

Morris/Sussex Vicinage Family Division: contacts, non-dissolution/dissolution team, domestic violence, juvenile, children in court, records, links to programs (ADR, support, intake, CASA, parent education, etc.).

Union Vicinage Family Division: domestic violence, central case reception/intake, matrimonial team, juvenile, administration.

New York

Broome County Family Court: contacts, forms and petitions, child care center, instructions for filing, access, hours, directions.

Chemung County Family Court: legal research, guide to family court, support collection unit, law guardian office, contacts, hours, security statement.

Chenango County Family Court: overview, guide, domestic violence programs, forms, dispute resolution services, attorney list, links to agencies, contacts, hours, map.

Cortland County Family Court: hours, contacts, forms, jurisdiction.

Delaware County Family Court: contacts, hours, forms, mediation and petition intake assistance, links to related agencies, legal aid contacts, terms of court.

Dutchess County Family Court: contacts, directions, public transportation, parking, accessibility, children’s center.

Herkimer County Family Court: contacts for all county courts, including family.

Jefferson County Family Court: contacts for all county courts, including family.

Lewis County Family Court: contacts for all county courts, including family.

Madison County Family Court: contacts, hours, filing instructions, forms and petitions, community resources phone list.

Nassau County Family Court (Long Island): contact information.

New York City Family Court: Contacts, forms,  and the Introductory Guide to the New York City Family Court, which includes detailed information on proceedings, history, authority, child-waiting rooms, and “Who’s Who in the Courtroom.”

Oneida County Family Court (Rome and Utica): contacts for all county courts, including family.

Onondaga Family Court: contacts for all county courts, including family and supreme court, dedicated matrimonial part.

Orange County Family Court: contacts, directions, public transportation, accessibility.

Oswego County Family Court: contacts for all county courts, including family.

Otsego County Family Court: contacts, hours, jurisdiction, instructions for completing petitions, link to FAQ on access to petitions, mediation information, forms, children’s center information.

Putnam County Family Court: contacts, directions, public transportation, accessibility, hours.

Rockland County Family Court: contacts, directions, public transportation, accessibility, hours.

St. Lawrence County Family Court: family court forms, domestic violence forms, contacts.

Schuyler County Family Court: contacts, forms.

Suffolk County Family Court: contacts, judicial terms of office, jurisdiction.

Third Judicial District Family Court (Albany, Columbia, Greene, Rensselaer, Schoharie, Sullivan and Ulster Counties): adoption, child abuse and neglect, support, custody and visitation, guardianship, paternity, PINS, court services, forms, contacts, directions.

Tioga County Family Court: contacts, forms, information about other county courts.

Tompkins County Family Court: contacts, schedule, forms, instructions, agencies, overview, lawyer referral, domestic violence court, family treatment court, Collaborative Family Lawyers of Central New York, dispute resolution, “bill of rights” for children whose parents are separated, jurisdiction, etc.

Westchester County Family Court  (New Rochelle, White Plains, Yonkers): contacts, directions, public transportation, accessibility, hours.

Wyoming County Family Court: contacts and directions for all county courts.

North Carolina
Family Court: overview, locations of existing programs, administration, history, FAQ, need for program, target population, mission. Eight judicial districts in North Carolina have family courts. Some information available in Spanish.

Cumberland County Family Court: custody mediation rules and program, support guidelines, resources, financial mediation, domestic court rules, juvenile court rules, directory, support group for children, guardians ad litem, overview, contacts.

Durham County Family Court: staff, FAQs, domestic court, juvenile court, rules, forms, pro se divorce packet, links to programs.

Greene County Family Court: overview, administration, case managers, services, and programs.

Lenoir County Family Court: overview, administration, case managers, court services and programs.

Mecklenburg County Family Court: overview, mission, judges and staff, services, fatherhood program, volunteer and intern opportunities, FAQs. See also the Mecklenburg County Child Support Court and the Domestic Violence Court.

New Hanover Family Court: overview, plus links to the general information provided by the North Carolina Court System.

Pender County Family Court: overview, plus links to the general information provided by the North Carolina Court System.

Wayne County Family Court: overview, administration, case managers, court services and programs.

Butler County Court of Common Pleas, Domestic Division: rules, forms, fees, contacts, mediation, domestic violence, and other related information.

Clermont County Court of Common Pleas, Domestic Division: rules, forms, contacts, programs.

Mahoning County Domestic Relations Court: judge bio, magistrates, staff, services, visitation center, educational program for children, mediation, pro se divorce program, domestic violence information, forms, local rules, FAQ.

Stark County Family Court: judges, mission, local rules and forms, reports, services, news releases, contacts, directions, divorce overview and procedures, domestic relations division, missing children link.

OJD Family Law Website: forms, parenting plan information and enforcement, resources, contacts, family law facilitation programs, parent education programs, child support guidelines and calendars, free legal information for low-income parties, etc. Also in Spanish.

Lane County Circuit Court, Domestic Relations Unit: contacts, divorce, family court assistance office, adoption, custody, emancipation of minors, restraining orders, paternity, mediation, visitation, modifications, local rules, statutes, etc. Also in Spanish.

Multnomah County Family Court Services: conciliation, family counseling, mediation, evaluations, parent education, etc.

Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas, Office of Domestic Relations: FAQ (mainly on support).

Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas, Civil/Motion/Family Court Division: overview, history, custody, procedures, motions, links to rules and forms, etc.

Rhode Island
Rhode Island Family Court: overview, contacts, FAQ, forms, parent education, family drug court, parenting time, truancy court, adoption reunion registry, CASA, case management, juvenile court, filing fees, family services, divorce mediation, domestic violence court.

South Carolina
Uniform Statewide Family Court: exclusive jurisdiction over all matters involving domestic or family relationships; sole forum for cases concerning marriage, divorce, legal separation, custody, visitation, termination of parental rights, adoption, support, alimony, division of marital property, and change of name; exclusive jurisdiction over minors under the age of 17 alleged to have violated a state law or municipal ordinance.

Hamilton County Chancery Court: includes some domestic relations forms, parenting plans, etc.

Dallas County Family Courts: links to each family court (there are 7). Each site contains contact information, biography of court clerk, plus policies and procedures.

Harris County District Courts: The Family Courthouse site contains contact information plus links to Texas Bar Family Section and other state and local family law professionals, codes, Houston Public Library, missing children, and other resources.

Travis County Family Court Services: Q&A on guardians ad litem, plus links to information about child support, forms, children’s bill of rights, information about common-law marriage, guide for divorcing parents, information about probation. Travis County Domestic Relations Office contains information about support, visitation, family court services, parenting class, forms, divorce, community resources, etc.


Vermont Family Courts: links to county contact information and calendars, jurisdiction, divorce information, child support, mediation, domestic abuse, juvenile, etc.

List and links to Juvenile and Domestic Relations courts. (Note: Virginia does not have a family court; Juvenile and Domestic Relations courts have jurisdiction over most family matters. Divorces and other cases in equity are heard in the chancery side of Circuit Court.)

Chesterfield Circuit Court, Civil/Chancery: includes general information, fees, divorce, guardians, adoption, name changes.

Prince William County Circuit Court (Manassas): contacts, fees, forms, procedures, dispute resolution, FAQ, law library, announcements.

Prince William County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court: contact information, forms and relevant statutes, custody and visitation information, procedures, paternity, FAQ, volunteer opportunities, programs, announcements, juvenile information. Taken with the county’s Circuit Court site (above), this is informative, comprehensive, and easy to use.

Virginia Beach Courts includes links to Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court and Circuit Court. Information includes introduction, appeals, community resources for families, court services, pleadings and policies, proceedings, FAQ, dress code, intake, etc.

Superior Courts in Washington State. Superior courts have exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relations.

Clallam County Unified Family Court: overview, mediation, at-risk youth, program for children of divorcing parents.

Clark County Superior Court: includes Family Law Practice, Family Court Services, contacts, etc.

Pierce County Superior Court: Civil/Domestic Trials procedures, misc. links.

Thurston County Unified Family Court: History, mission, judges, and contact information.

West Virginia
West Virginia started a unified family court in January 2002.

In Wisconsin, the Circuit courts have original jurisdiction in all civil and criminal matters within the state.

Green County Family Court, Monroe, Wisconsin.

Milwaukee County Civil and Family Courts Division: contacts, general information about records. The Office of the Family Court Commissioner site includes custody/home study information, mediation services, parent education, procedural information, etc.

Ozaukee County Family Court Commissioner: contacts, overview, forms.

Racine County Family Court Commissioner: contacts, overview, Paternity Resource Handbook, Family Court Resource Handbook.

Waukesha County Family Division: contacts, jurisdiction, fees/costs, FAQ, links to self-help site, counseling resources, records search, local rules, departmental news.


May 8, 2008

Couple pleads not guilty to child abuse counts in Middleborough case - The Boston Globe

This is just one instance where DSS is being berated for NOT calling the police to start with. I'm sorry, but I couldn't even tell you why we have DSS and CPS. Calling the police is the only thing that keeps a child safe. Regardless of the outcome of report abuse cases with CPS and DSS the child can still be turned back over to the abuser. Regardless of the outcome of abuse allegations in Family Court the child can still be turned over to the abuser.

However, on the flip side of that, if the cops are called first, they do the investigation (not some over worked under paid so called social worker who doesn't care), when the abuser is then taken to Criminal Court and found guilty the child is then safe. Most states do have decent sentencing for child abuse. Sadly enough it seems the only way to ensure a child is safe is to get the police invovled to start with.

When police stepped in on March 17, cigarette burns were found on the boy's penis and a grisly tale unfolded. Middleborough's chief of police, Gary J. Russell, lashed out at both the school and DSS. DSS later said police should have been called immediately, and School Superintendent Robert M. Sullivan offered a public apology.....Couple pleads not guilty to child abuse counts in Middleborough case - The Boston Globe

May 7, 2008

Bloch Rodwin ready for Family Court bench - Business First of Buffalo:

The state Senate has unanimously approved Lisa Bloch Rodwin's nomination to fill a vacancy on Erie County Family Court....Bloch Rodwin ready for Family Court bench - Business First of Buffalo:

RCAP investigating adding domestic violence support

Despite a preponderance of statistical evidence that domestic violence is increasing at an alarming rate Powhatan County does not have an active government program. A U.S. Department of Justice report in 1996 noted approximately two and a quarter million cases of domestic violence in the United States. This figure rose to approximately three million just two years later. The American Institute on Domestic Violence reports that that figure is now over 5.3 million reported incidences per year....Powhatan Today - News: RCAP investigating adding domestic violence support

May 6, 2008

Audit finds sex offenders at Calif. child care facilities

The state social services agency on Wednesday was moving to shut down nine homes used for child daycare and foster care after an audit found registered sex offenders living there in violation of state law.... > News > State -- Audit finds sex offenders at Calif. child care facilities

State lawmakers on Thursday said California needs better long-term supervision of sex offenders after an audit raised concerns that some may be living in homes used for child daycare and foster > News > State -- Lawmakers say Calif. needs tighter scrutiny of sex offenders

Interpol releases images of suspected pedophile

Photographs were released by Interpol on Tuesday of a man it says is a pedophile still at large despite a two-year international police investigation. Neither the man's identity nor his current whereabouts are known.... To read more about this or to see the pictures which may help in identifying this man read the rest of the story here:Interpol releases images of suspected pedophile

Juvenile Judges Group Secretly Pays to Settle U.S. Fraud Claim

Under a set of confidential agreements, the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges will pay $300,000 to settle allegations that it committed fraud to get grant money from the U.S. Department of Justice, while its director will pay $16,500 to settle conflict-of-interest charges....Youth Today - Juvenile Judges Group Secretly Pays to Settle U.S. Fraud Claim

"You would expect a nationwide association of judges to follow the rules," said one official, who called the matter an embarrassment not only to the group but also to the Department of Justice, which has given so many millions of dollars to the group.... ABC News: Judges' Group Director Pays DOJ Settlement

Rallies will oppose violence | Maui News

WAILUKU — Continuing incidents of domestic violence occurring around Hawaii will have women and men rallying this week on Maui in a renewed campaign to raise awareness of the tragedy of family violence.

“For decades, women have been standing up and saying enough is enough, and finally the courts are listening and police are listening. But we still have a huge family violence problem,” said Bill Staton, a counselor and mediator who formerly headed the state Office of Veterans Services on Maui.

The staff at the Women Helping Women domestic violence assistance group on Maui is confronting the issue again in response to a murder-suicide on Oahu in which a 38-year-old mother of four children was killed by her husband.

Doreen Singson with Women Helping Women said the Maui
group will hold a sign-waving rally today in coordination with a similar
demonstration planned on Oahu over the death of Della Dikito, who was shot repeatedly in an incident Friday at her Ewa Beach home before her husband shot himself in the head.

The Maui rally will be held starting at 4 p.m. along Kaahumanu Avenue fronting Maui Community College.

A second rally will be held Friday beginning at 4:15 p.m. on Kaahumanu Avenue fronting Central Pacific Bank at the Kahului Shopping Center, sponsored by Maui Men Against Family Violence.

“We need more men getting involved . . . to stand up and say this isn’t good, this isn’t right,” Staton said.

The rally was planned to precede the Mother’s Day weekend as a way to have men “stop and look and see that maybe it isn’t OK, what I see in movies, what we hear in songs,” he said.

“We’re really hoping for a good number of men this time. We’re taking a stand because we want people to see this is a beginning for something to change. We are taking a stand. It starts here for all of us to be making our families stronger, to make the families on Maui healthier.” ...Rallies will oppose violence Maui News

May 4, 2008

'Family life' with the father from hell - News

I know this isn't in the US, but I think they should look into their laws a little more. This man that held his daughter and her children by him in his basement for 24 yrs is only facing up to 15 yrs in prison.... Ok, granted he is in his 70's, but what a crock! He held her and rape her for 24 yrs, he should get at elast that much time to serve if not more. This is totally unacceptable! 'Family life' with the father from hell - News

Man in jail for 123rd time on domestic violence

"The suspect is a regular here at the jail. He's being led away in cuffs for the 123rd time. According to police, this time around 29-year-old Deon Brown is charged with domestic violence, and accused of beating his baby's mother." Man in jail for 123rd time on domestic violence 5/03/08

Dating Violence

"Lawmakers approved more protection for victims of dating violence. A bill to extend some of the safety provisions offered to victims of domestic violence to victims of dating violence was approved by both chambers.
If signed into law police could immediately seek out and arrest an abusive dater, with probable cause.
Victims of dating violence would also have access to the same counseling offered to domestic abuse victims. Bill sponsor Kurt Kelly says while the bill will offer some protection, more needs to be done.
“We need to have a conversation about dating violence and the way we have a dating relationship. Dating violence is a symptom of a bigger problem, that’s happening here in our nation, and I think this is a conversation were going to have.”
Kelly hopes to have that conversation very soon with Governor Charlie Crist who is expected to sign the legislation."
Dating Violence

Domestic Violence Loophole

Someone threatens to kill you while holding a gun. If you can prove it to a judge -- the person making the threats will lose his weapon.

The Fox Files exposes a potentially dangerous loophole in a domestic violence law that's leaving many women in fear.... MyFox St. Louis FOX Files - Domestic Violence Loophole

May 3, 2008

Timmonsville Man Charged with Murder in Domestic Violence Case

Wednesday, Apr 30, 2008 - 08:08 PM Updated: 02:50 PM

By Jamie Rogers


A Timmonsville man is charged with murder after the mother of his children died from a domestic assault that happened a week ago, Florence County Sheriff’s Capt Todd Tucker said.
Lori McFadden, 42, died Wednesday afternoon at a local hospital during surgery as a result of injuries she suffered during a domestic assault, Florence County Coroner M.G. “Bubba” Matthews said.
The autopsy results show McFadden died from a strike to the abdomen and chest area, Matthews said.  Her death has been ruled a homicedy by the coroner's office.
Cleveland Burgess, 41, of 1130 W. Smith St. was arrested Tuesday and is charged with murder, two counts of criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature, Florence County Detention Center booking reports show. 
One of the charges stems from an incident that happened three weeks ago; the other, from an incident that happened April 23, Tucker said.
Deputies say that on April 23, the suspect assaulted McFadden, who was found unresponsive a day later by family members, Tucker said.
Investigators are reviewing  an autopsy report and expect to upgrade one of the charges Burgess faces to murder very soon, Tucker said. 
Based on information from the pathologist and doctors, Matthews said, he is convinced McFadden died as a result of being struck by her boyfriend.
“At this point, I am working a homicide,” Matthews said.
Burgess remains in custody at the jail in Effingham.


May 2, 2008

Judge dismisses murder charge against Gibson

He rules prosecution's evidence insufficient to continue trial

By Amy Clarke • PICKENS COUNTY NEWS • April 29, 2008

A Pickens County murder trial came to a dramatic end last week as the judge dismissed the jury and issued a directed verdict in favor of the man who was charged with killing his wife, 30-year-old Keri Gillespie Gibson.

Circuit Judge Larry Patterson said on April 23 that the state's evidence, which he said was primarily circumstantial, was insufficient to continue the case.

Gunshot-residue evidence from the Jan. 21, 2007, shooting was inconclusive, Patterson said, and he termed the state's theory of a staged suicide improbable.

After the verdict, defense attorney Scott Robinson, who said in his motion that the state's case was based on "suspicion" and "innuendo," said he was pleased with the judge's decision.

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A Mother's Three Children Are Murdered: Amy Castillo on Larry King Live

Three beautiful young children deliberately drowned in a hotel bathtub. Charged in this shocking murder, their own father. And now exclusive on Larry King Live (CNN) -- their grieving mother, Amy Castillo, speaks out about the terrible crime that shattered her life just a month ago and about her estranged husband, the man accused of committing it.

Dr. Phil joins the discussion: "But what shocked me is in, as recently as October of '07, you were actually held in contempt and fined by the courts for keeping these children away from him. And it is -- it's -- as a professional, it's astounding to me that he could have such a psychiatric history, make the comment that he made to you at Christmas about hurting you -- hurting you by killing the children and then yet here you are getting fined by the court."

Read the transcipt from the show, which aired May 1st, 2008.

Man sentenced to 40 years in woman's brutal killing

ORANGEBURG -- A man has been sentenced to 40 years in prison for killing an Orangeburg County woman and setting the home they shared on fire.

The Times and Democrat of Orangeburg reports that 29-year-old Oscar Beecher McDowell was sentenced Thursday after pleading guilty to killing 31-year-old Ruby Rawls.

McDowell also was sentenced to 25 years for arson.

Rawls’ mutilated body was found in her burned Cordova home in February 2007. Authorities said her hands and legs had been cut, and her genitals had been mutilated. She had also been shot a dozen times.

Prosecutor David Pascoe called the crime one of the most gruesome he had ever seen. | The Greenville News

May 1, 2008

Dating violence set to be treated like domestic assaults

The act allows law-enforcement officers to act on threats of violence in dating situations as long as the relationship has existed for six months or longer and has met certain standards that transcend mere friendship.... - News - News stories about Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties in Florida, from the newspapers of record. -

Abused Afghan Women End Up In Jail

Trafficked across the border from Pakistan with her 3-year-old son, Rukhma was handed to an Afghan who raped and abused her, then beat the toddler to death as she watched helplessly.

He was jailed for 20 years for murder, but Rukhma ended up in prison too.... Rutilus Allec - Red Herring » Blog Archive » Abused Afghan Women End Up In Jail

Toddler may lose legs after mother dips him in boiling water

Ok, well DCFS is at it again...WOW...when are they going to wake up? And, start actually protecting the children that NEED protection. Why was this child still in this home? Ok, so you say I shouldn't point fingers....well they were "investigating" which all too often lately means there was a complaint filed and they were sitting on their thumbs...I say "they" which in actuality was probably one lazy case worker that is under paid and over worked...and just doesn't give a crap anymore. I don't know how to fix it (well I have a few suggestions) but I do wish someone would figure it out and fast our children are dying and being maimed and scarred for life at an alarming rate in this country. I strongly feel that when an agencies drops the ball on child abuse cases, domestic violence, family violence, whatever you want to call it; that the person responsible should be held accountable in some way. Until then the case workers are going to keep on doing what they have always done.

Read the full story here: Quad-Cities Online

The Associated Press: Texas officials looking at possible abuse among FLDS boys

For those of you following the FLDS YFZ case in Texas...

Texas officials told legislators Wednesday that they're investigating the possible sexual abuse of some young boys taken from a polygamist sect's ranch, as well as broken bones among other children.

In written and oral testimony provided to lawmakers Wednesday, officials with the state Department of Family and Protective Services said interviews and journal entries suggested that boys may have been sexually abused....The Associated Press: Texas officials looking at possible abuse among FLDS boys