September 26, 2006

Father Stabs Wife, Toddler in Rush-Hour Traffic

This is a horror story. The husband stabs his wife multiple times in the car in a traffic jam. When she gets out to get help, he then turns on the 2 year old girl, and starts stabbing her, continuing until the kitchen knife he is stabbing with becomes stuck in her head.

He then drove away, side swiping the Deputies car, hitting his wife (throwing her 20-40 feet), then sped off. Only after knocking down at least 3 utility poles was he stopped after his car hurtled through the air and landed overturned onto another vehicle.

The Husband and Wife had been married for 6 years, but was seperated at the time of the incident.

This horrible show of Violence I hope shows Society that Domestic Violence is NOT a family matter!!!!!! This is a Criminal Act!!! He should be tried as a criminal, as all Domestic Violence cases should be tried. Is it not criminal to harm another human being no matter what the living situation is??

Father Stabs Wife, Toddler in Rush-Hour Traffic

BATON ROUGE, La. (Sept. 23) - A man repeatedly stabbed his toddler and estranged wife along an interstate while horrified people watched from their cars in rush-hour traffic Friday night, police and witnesses said.
The Associated Press
This is an unfortunate reminder of why a Victim must stay away from an Abuser after an Order of Protection is filed. There's always a reason to get one, and it stays a good reason to stay away............

UPDATE: Interstate Stabbing Suspect Had History of Domestic Violence

Sep 26, 2006 12:30 AM EDT
People are still shaking their heads about the horrifying incident that took place last Friday. 27-year-old Jimmie Dixon allegedly stabbed his wife and his 2-year-old daughter on the interstate. WAFB's Keitha Nelson has more on the bizarre turn of events.

Dixon's wife filed for an order of protection for herself and her three children on September 8 against Jimmie Dixon. She alleges that just 2 days prior he threatened to kill her and himself. In her petition, Mrs. Dixon says her husband picked her up by the neck and slammed her on a concrete slab.

As a part of the recommendations on the domestic abuse petition, the court ordered Dixon to pay an estimated $850 in child support for all three of their children. Mrs. Dixon was also awarded the couple's Lincoln Continental. Dixon was ordered to stay away from his wife, but her father says she went to him.

Family members say it was on Spanish Town Road where Mrs. Dixon brought her two-year-old daughter to see her father. Reports say he later kidnapped them both and headed south on the interstate.

Mrs. Dixon is back at home with her family, and tells WAFB 9 News that she's holding up pretty well. Her two-year-old daughter is still in Our Lady of the Lake Hospital in stable condition.

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