November 26, 2015

Happy ThanksGiving!!!

We at Le Chrysalis want to send out a “Happy Gobble Gobble” to you, and a prayer that you are all Happy & Safe tonight!!!

Looking back over this year we have so much to be happy for, and although we could fill up this post with a list of everything we are happy about, we wont bore you with that!  One thing we will state though is…

Le Chrysalis has it’s Library back!!!!  After it not wanting to work for almost 2 years, today, of all days, it has decided to be nice and start working again!!  Yes, we could have replaced that blog a long time ago, but with so much else to work on, and our prayers that it would come back, we’ve finally got it back! 

During the Holidays, our Prayers and our Well Wishes go out to all of you that you ALL have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!!  Please remember, above all, that the Holiday colors are NOT Black & Blue!!  You and yours deserve to be Happy, Safe & Pampered during this time of the Season above any other time of the year, even though all year should be the same. 

Happy ThanksGiving!!!!

November 10, 2015

School Principal Charged with Assaulting Wife

When hearing this, I had to post this…it made me really think of how so many people still think that Domestic Violence only happen in poor, uneducated families.  Here’s a Principal of a School, who MUST be educated in order to hold that position, and yet, here’s Domestic Violence…

One thing I want to be viewed is the fact that he’s been put on suspension with pay pending the investigation.  It worries me that a man who would assault his wife, lock her up in the bathroom, and hold a gun while authorities attempt to resolve the issue and him refusing to respond, and then later coming down and stating he didn’t hear them?  Ok, I believe that…when I believe pigs can fly!

August 31, 2015

Seaford, DE Man Arrested for Attempted Murder

I apologize for this being on LC main site, it will be removed once the LC Library is fixed and re-opened.  Working on it! 

Saw on the news that a young man had slit the throat of a female outside her home.  They did NOT mention that they were in a relationship in any way, that it was domestic violence in nature, or that he threatened her or the female that accompanied her to the hospital.

Sadly, yes, her getting her throat sliced is horrible news!  Don’t get me wrong, it really is!  Yet, I can’t help but feel that WBOC dropped the ball when they failed to mention, when they failed to take the opportunity, to expose a domestic violence situation for what it was and to announce his threat which would have helped downplay it and hopefully make it so he wouldn’t dare go through with it.

Domestic Violence happens so much more then anyone within the field wants to admit, truthfully, more then any of us want to admit…

Last night I was with a dear friend, and as usual when she is with her boyfriend with her, they argue ;(  This time they didn’t just argue, screaming ensued, even with a bunch of children in the house along with me. I wanted to disappear into the wall because I knew it was one of those situations where if you tried to step in, not only were you going to get your head cut off by both of them, but they would turn around and continue with the argument anyway.  I stepped in when the children were right behind them, one in particular they were screaming about to each other, who then cried hysterically and slammed the door into an empty room down the hall from what she heard them screaming.  I got my head snapped off…nothing that hasn’t happened before… ouchie!!! Yeah…ok…next??? lol 

I shared all of this to say…even with planning on getting ready for a birthday, domestic violence can set in. 

We can’t stay away or fully stop domestic violence, but we can help a friend going through it by being there with her and the children.  You can’t stop Domestic Violence, but maybe your good at the computer and can help out in that way?  Maybe your schedule is just too full, but maybe you can help financially to your local DV Shelter?  Believe me, they can always use help!

It’s just like in Church…God has given each of us God Give talents, and we need to use them!!!!  With us working together, we can help slow down the progression of Domestic Violence!!!


Seaford Man Arrested for Attempted Murder
Posted: Aug 29, 2015 3:34 PM EDT

By Ariel Barry

Darnell Aiken

Darnell Aiken, 20, of Seaford      

BRIDGEVILLE, Del. – A Seaford man is charged with attempted murder after police say he cut his girlfriend's throat.

Troopers responded to Nanticoke Memorial Hospital Friday night just before 9 p.m. for reports of a female with a severe laceration to her neck. 

When troopers arrived, they were initially told an unknown suspect slashed the 20-year-old female's neck with a knife while she was on the front steps of her home on Nat Turner Street in Bridgeville. 

Police say further investigation revealed the woman and her boyfriend, 20-year-old Darnell Aiken of Seaford, were involved in a verbal altercation inside her home when Aiken went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. 

According to police, Aiken then returned to the living room and swung the knife at the victim, causing the large laceration to her neck. 

Troopers say Aiken, along with another female in the house at the time, brought the victim to Nanticoke Hospital. According to police, Aiken threatened harm to them if they said what really happened.

Detectives took Darnell Aiken into custody at the hospital with some resistance and transported him back to Troop 5 in Bridgeville.  He was later charged with Attempted Murder 1st, Possession of a Deadly Weapon During the Commission of a Felony, Resisting Arrest, Terrorist Threatening, and Criminal Mischief to a police vehicle.  He was arraigned at JP3 and is being held without bail at Sussex Correctional Institution.

The victim's current condition and status are unknown.


July 26, 2015

Meaningful Message from For King & Country

New Post on Le Chrysalis Christian Center:

Meaningful Message from For King & Country…

Last night my family and I went to the Delaware State Fair and had the privilege to go to the concert of For King & Country and Casting Crowns with some wonderful friends from church along with our Pastor and his family.

For those of you that have seen either of these groups in concert I don’t have to tell you that they are AWESOME!!!  For those that haven’t, you have got to go and see them!  They are worth your time and definitely worth the ticket price, and great for your family and group to attend!  The groups give you such an uplifting it’s incredible!

To give them praise, although they truly deserve it, isn’t why I wanted to write tonight.  I wanted to share something that Joel from For King and Country said that truly touched me and really has much to do with what Le Chrysalis is all about.

I wish I could quote word for word, and if anyone has a video of him speaking these words please please please share!!!!  I’ll do my best to share from my poor excuse of what I call my memory…

Read More…

July 3, 2015

New Names Posted on Le Chrysalis Remembers

Please visit Le Chrysalis Remembers and go through the pages of those that should be remembered and not forgotten.  If you are moved to do so, please leave a comment or a prayer for the family of the loved one that has been brutally taken away from them.

For those of us that have lost loved ones to Domestic Violence, we know how important it is not to forget them, to get their stories out, and to hopefully prevent the tragedy from happening to someone else.  Too many families have been torn apart into chaos by violent tragedy, please help to support those that we list here.

Tammy Hellard AZ 04-28-2009

Lisbeth Hernandez AZ 12-01-2009

Valery Hett AZ 03-31-2009

Johnston-Huddleston & Blanks AZ 05-23-2009

Angela Hudson AZ 02-25-2009

Karina M. Luna AZ 01-09-2009

Kathleen Martin AZ 04-15-2009

Margaret McCormick AZ 09-25-2009

Angelita Montano AZ 12-06-2009

Morales AZ 11-30-2009

Marciela Noriega AZ 12-26-2009

Alma Ramos AZ 08-17-2009

Emina Redza AZ 09-11-2009

Ana Rios AZ 04-09-2009

Tammy Saldana AZ 01-12-2009

Kandice Smith AZ 10-06-2009

Phyllis Tucker AZ 02-15-2009

Dale Webber AZ 05-14-2009

Aaron Wedel AZ 06-04-2009

Lula White AZ 01-02-2009

Teigan Brown AZ 06-21-2009

Alexis Hancock AZ 05-08-2009

Isabella Hopf AZ 09-14-2009

June 29, 2015

New Names Posted on Le Chrysalis Remembers

Please visit Le Chrysalis Remembers and go through the pages of those that should be remembered and not forgotten.  If you are moved to do so, please leave a comment or a prayer for the family of the loved one that has been brutally taken away from them.

For those of us that have lost loved ones to Violence and Domestic Violence, we know how important it is not to forget them, to get their stories out, and to hopefully prevent the tragedy from happening to someone else.  Too many families have been torn apart into chaos by violent tragedy, please help to support those that we list here.

Lavenna Shorter IN 04-09-2011

Sabrina Alcantar AZ 06-02-2009

Holly Anderson AZ 08-02-2009

Dawn Axsom AZ 10-16-2009

William Baker AZ 02-02-2009

Selena Bedonie AZ 08-07-2009

Geraldine Chico AZ 09-27-2009

Kezia Clinkscales AZ 02-06-2009

Vernon Cumming AZ 01-20-2009

Ashley DeWitte AZ 06-24-2009

Edgar Dupree AZ 07-11-2009

Ashley Fimbrez AZ 03-29-2009

Patricia Garcia AZ 01-18-2009

Danielle Gary AZ 07-29-2009

Lisa Grondin AZ 09-20-2009

Aaron Ham AZ 09-21-2009

June 13, 2015

Domestic Violence is a Family Matter/Issue…is it Really?

This morning, I woke up to my Father watching the news about a man that was in a van and may be dead following a police chase, stand off, explosions, and failed negotiations. 

On the news, I’ve heard it mentioned several times that the suspect, if indeed James Boulware, has a history of domestic violence.  I heard also that he was upset because the state took away his child from him.

Of course, at this time no-one has much information, but the fact that domestic violence was prevalent in this man with a troubled past and even more troubling ending, wasn’t surprising.  It truly brought to mind the fact that so many still stand by their thinking that “Domestic Violence is a family problem”… is it really?

As many of us already know…change of mind set is needed, and Domestic Violence needs to be seen for what it really is… a Social Issue that needs to be taken more seriously and where much more work and support is needed.

Stay Safe!

~Angel Hugz~


Dallas Police Headquarters Shooting

Before he was shot, the suspect ranted to police by phone, giving his name and alleging police were responsible for his child having been taken from him, but investigators haven't confirmed his identity, Brown said.

After a gunfire exchange, police called the man for negotiations. The suspect in the vehicle gave police the name James Boulware. Police said that they couldn't immediately confirm that it is the suspect's real identity.

Police found a previous record of domestic violence by a man under that name.

When Getting Into Any Form of Relationship… 1 Corinthians 13:4-6 First!

New Post on Le Chrysalis Christian Center

I started this about oh…two weeks ago?  Sigh…unfortunately life got in the way and this was thought of of course when I couldn’t finish it…so finally have the chance to do so!!  I still feel this is worth sharing and worth telling, and feel that maybe the wait was needed because now I have more to share then I would have the night I was writing this…

Riding home from a school concert tonight K-Love caught my attention with something they were talking about…Kelly was talking about how we too quickly let people into our hearts, mostly those of us who happen to be single and looking for someone to fill that void.

How even when we aren’t looking for a boyfriend, but when talking about friends, how we too quickly let people into our inner circles, into our hearts.

How true this is!!! 

Kelly then shared a conversation between a Mother and a daughter that was applicable to this, and really brought this issue into perspective…I want to share this here because this really is something we could all use in our lives!:


1 Corinthians 13:4-6

Read More….

January 16, 2015

Keisha Hamilton Still Missing…Children Found Safe!!!

As of last known…the children were found safe with the father on the way to his family in Indiana…the problem is that Keisha was no longer with them…

Hamilton Family 2

Police found Colette Hamilton, 4, and her brother Cortez Hamilton Jr., 4 months (left), and arrested the children's father, Cortez Hamilton Sr., 32 (right inset). The children's mother, Keisha Hamilton, 35 (right), was still being sought Sunday. Delaware State Police / Indiana State Police

Tonight…prayers are needed for Keisha and her family! 

Please share this information that has been compiled from the different sources below, and send out the pictures to everyone you know!  By sharing the information, hopefully it’ll reach someone that saw or knows something!  These children and their family deserve and need to know where their Mother is and what’s happened to her!

Where they were found was a 12-hour drive away…with 2 small children they had to stop for food…they had to stop for gas…they had to stop for potty breaks…they had to stop somewhere!!  There has to be surveillance tapes available along their route!  It doesn’t matter how small of information or siting you may have had, it may be significant to the police!  It may be a piece of the puzzle that the police may need to fit in to answer the questions they have!  Please, if you have ANY information about this, please call it in! 

For these children and their family, please help them fit the pieces of the puzzle that has put their lives in chaos…


Colette and her brother Cortez Jr. were reported missing along with their mother 35-year-old Keisha Hamilton after they were last seen around 10:00 p.m. Friday. 

Police believed they were in imminent danger and with their father Cortez Hamilton Sr.

Police have rescinded an Amber Alert for two missing Smynra, Del. children after they were found safe in southwestern Indiana.

January 10, 2015

Colette, Cortez & Keisha Hamilton Amber Alert

There’s an Amber Alert that is live at this time looking for a Mother and her two children, who are believed to be with the children’s father.  Please pass this information around to get this information out there!  From the sounds of this…this is a DV Victim who has been taken with her children by her abuser and can not be found and needs help!  Please share this information with everyone you know and help get the word out there!

After hunting down through many amber alert news, it states in the WDEL news link that according to DE State Police Sgt. Richard Bratz that after the family asked the police to do a welfare check they found evidence of suspicious circumstances that led the to believe the children were missing and possibly in imminent danger.  They were last seen Friday night at 10p.m. at their Kent County home on 113 East Cayhill Lane in the Twin Willows development of Smyrna, Kent County Delaware.

Colette & Cortez Hamilton

Please stay on the look out for 35-year-old Keisha Hamilton who is 5’6’ and weighing 145 lbs. with brown hair and brown eyes.  Her daughter Colette Hamilton who is 4 years old (described as having black hair and brown eyes), and her son Cortez Hamilton who is 4 months old (described as having black hair and brown eyes).

Police believe that Keisha and her children may be in the company of the children’s father, Cortez Hamilton, Sr.

Cortez Hamilton, Sr. is described as a 32-year-old black man, standing 6’0” and weighing 195 lbs. with black hair and brown eyes.

Police say they may be traveling in a red 2005 Chevrolet Suburban with Delaware Registration PC121071 or possibly 2010 Toyota Matrix silver in color with Delaware Registration XP219435.

If you have information regarding the location of the missing children and their mother, please call 911 immediately or the Delaware State Police.


NBC Philadelphia

Delaware Online



My Fox Philly