February 7, 2012

Father Did Not Just Set the House on Fire

More information has been released about the article we blogged about yesterday.  This tells us what so many have suspected from the beginning... that Josh Powell was a violent person. 

Florida DV Shelter Tackling the Pet Piece of Domestic Violence

I stumbled upon the below article the other day when reading something else.  This article is from Nov. 2011... but this is the first I had seen anything like this.  I’m glad that there are steps being taken to help DV victims AND their pets.  This is something that I know many victims struggle with when thinking of leaving, I hope this turns out to be a model that other shelters will follow!!

February 6, 2012

Few answers in death of sons of missing Utah mom

Our prayers go out to the families involved in this horrendous tragedy…

The Sunday blaze at Powell's home brought yet another twist in the very public scandal that began when Susan Powell vanished in 2009. The case had since spiraled into a salacious saga of finger-pointing and accusations of sex and lies — and now the unthinkable loss of two young lives caught in the middle.