July 26, 2015

Meaningful Message from For King & Country

New Post on Le Chrysalis Christian Center:

Meaningful Message from For King & Country…

Last night my family and I went to the Delaware State Fair and had the privilege to go to the concert of For King & Country and Casting Crowns with some wonderful friends from church along with our Pastor and his family.

For those of you that have seen either of these groups in concert I don’t have to tell you that they are AWESOME!!!  For those that haven’t, you have got to go and see them!  They are worth your time and definitely worth the ticket price, and great for your family and group to attend!  The groups give you such an uplifting it’s incredible!

To give them praise, although they truly deserve it, isn’t why I wanted to write tonight.  I wanted to share something that Joel from For King and Country said that truly touched me and really has much to do with what Le Chrysalis is all about.

I wish I could quote word for word, and if anyone has a video of him speaking these words please please please share!!!!  I’ll do my best to share from my poor excuse of what I call my memory…

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July 3, 2015

New Names Posted on Le Chrysalis Remembers

Please visit Le Chrysalis Remembers and go through the pages of those that should be remembered and not forgotten.  If you are moved to do so, please leave a comment or a prayer for the family of the loved one that has been brutally taken away from them.

For those of us that have lost loved ones to Domestic Violence, we know how important it is not to forget them, to get their stories out, and to hopefully prevent the tragedy from happening to someone else.  Too many families have been torn apart into chaos by violent tragedy, please help to support those that we list here.

Tammy Hellard AZ 04-28-2009

Lisbeth Hernandez AZ 12-01-2009

Valery Hett AZ 03-31-2009

Johnston-Huddleston & Blanks AZ 05-23-2009

Angela Hudson AZ 02-25-2009

Karina M. Luna AZ 01-09-2009

Kathleen Martin AZ 04-15-2009

Margaret McCormick AZ 09-25-2009

Angelita Montano AZ 12-06-2009

Morales AZ 11-30-2009

Marciela Noriega AZ 12-26-2009

Alma Ramos AZ 08-17-2009

Emina Redza AZ 09-11-2009

Ana Rios AZ 04-09-2009

Tammy Saldana AZ 01-12-2009

Kandice Smith AZ 10-06-2009

Phyllis Tucker AZ 02-15-2009

Dale Webber AZ 05-14-2009

Aaron Wedel AZ 06-04-2009

Lula White AZ 01-02-2009

Teigan Brown AZ 06-21-2009

Alexis Hancock AZ 05-08-2009

Isabella Hopf AZ 09-14-2009