November 25, 2006

Jury Acquits Man of Domestic Violence

This really upset me! Read this article, and really pay attention to the "reason" the jury acquitted him. Lack of evidence? but, keep reading...seemed to me that all the evidence is even published in this article. The fact the jury was not told about his TWO previous DV arrests....come on now. He has done this three times now and keeps getting by with it....why? Because abusers are smooth, they can con a con man when they want to! GGGRRR....please feel free to leave comments!


  1. Defense attorney Andrew Mendelson was quick to point out that domestic violence is “not a joke” but said there was little independent evidence to corroborate the allegations made by a woman against Bledsoe.

    The word "But" cancels out all words before it. There was evidence! The police report states that the police witnessed scrapes on the womans body to collaberate her story. Yes, she may have filed a false report earlier, and I'm sure he used this against her in court, something she had done in the past, yet, they did NOT tell the jury about his past abuse charges!
    Yet another abuser who slides through the system so that he can abuse another day. Yet another time the system fails a Victim, and helps to create the setting for the next victim............

  2. I agree that this is a huge mistake by the judge and jury! This case is a prime example of why we need to come together and stand up. He took the stand in his own defense?? DUH!! Did anyone think that he wouldn't? I would like to meet the locat prosecuter and ask him/ her a few questions!! The jury should have convicted this man. And the poor victim was abused again...only ny the system that should have protected her!