October 9, 2006

School absences lead agency to remove daughters for weeks

This news story truly disturbs me. Worse, Myrtle Beach is about 2 hours from me, and I know that this area that I live in is just about as hard hit, and without enough help.
In this news story, it mentions that the father was an abuser for at least the last 10 years, and was mandated to get parenting and anger management help, same with the mother. I don't believe that anger management helps much, and that those with anger issues only come home even more mad then when they went in. Who wouldn't after being put down and pushed for an hour by someone that just doesn't seem to care??? What help was there for the Victim in this case???? What counseling was given to her or her daughters? NONE. That's only one problem that this story presents.
No help, a daughter with many health issues, absenses at school, and instead of getting the help that family desperately needed, the children were put into a Psychiatric Hospital because they were diagnosed with PTSD. Of course they had PTSD with what they had been through!!! The daughter thinking that she was the reason for deaths, the beatings she saw her father give her mother, the family was in shambles! Yet, the system didn't help those problems, but created more.
While in the Psychiatric Hospital, the children saw even greater atrosities. Children trying to commit suicide, children acting out against the adults there, and them being punished for not being able to deal with it all.
Why is the system failing our families? Why is the system that was set to protect and support our families failing? One reason is a heavy case load and not enough workers. The other is because the system is not set up with enough support services to provide for the needs of an ever failing society.
Read below, and you make your decision...........

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