October 9, 2006

Guest Columnist: Domestic violence thrives on silence
That's why it's important to break the silence
Oct. 03,2006
I could truly touch on many topics that Ms. Wilk touches on in this article, she hits the nail on the head with the words; "When you break the silence, you break the cycle." This month, DV Awareness Month, this is what we must begin, and continue it all year long.

"Nationally, domestic violence, it is estimated, touches someone's life every seven seconds." States Ms. Wilk. "I believe if we could peek into homes, we would find it even more prevalent than that."

She is so right about this! How many suffer in silence? How many are too afraid to call 911 in an emergency? How many times have we found out after a tragic death that the Victim had been abused for years? Too often this happens, and the silence is what keeps DV alive and strong.
Silence is evil's closest ally. --Gary Amirault
This October, let's bring the Silence closer to the end.

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