January 16, 2015

Keisha Hamilton Still Missing…Children Found Safe!!!

As of last known…the children were found safe with the father on the way to his family in Indiana…the problem is that Keisha was no longer with them…

Hamilton Family 2

Police found Colette Hamilton, 4, and her brother Cortez Hamilton Jr., 4 months (left), and arrested the children's father, Cortez Hamilton Sr., 32 (right inset). The children's mother, Keisha Hamilton, 35 (right), was still being sought Sunday. Delaware State Police / Indiana State Police

Tonight…prayers are needed for Keisha and her family! 

Please share this information that has been compiled from the different sources below, and send out the pictures to everyone you know!  By sharing the information, hopefully it’ll reach someone that saw or knows something!  These children and their family deserve and need to know where their Mother is and what’s happened to her!

Where they were found was a 12-hour drive away…with 2 small children they had to stop for food…they had to stop for gas…they had to stop for potty breaks…they had to stop somewhere!!  There has to be surveillance tapes available along their route!  It doesn’t matter how small of information or siting you may have had, it may be significant to the police!  It may be a piece of the puzzle that the police may need to fit in to answer the questions they have!  Please, if you have ANY information about this, please call it in! 

For these children and their family, please help them fit the pieces of the puzzle that has put their lives in chaos…


Colette and her brother Cortez Jr. were reported missing along with their mother 35-year-old Keisha Hamilton after they were last seen around 10:00 p.m. Friday. 

Police believed they were in imminent danger and with their father Cortez Hamilton Sr.

Police have rescinded an Amber Alert for two missing Smynra, Del. children after they were found safe in southwestern Indiana.

January 10, 2015

Colette, Cortez & Keisha Hamilton Amber Alert

There’s an Amber Alert that is live at this time looking for a Mother and her two children, who are believed to be with the children’s father.  Please pass this information around to get this information out there!  From the sounds of this…this is a DV Victim who has been taken with her children by her abuser and can not be found and needs help!  Please share this information with everyone you know and help get the word out there!

After hunting down through many amber alert news, it states in the WDEL news link that according to DE State Police Sgt. Richard Bratz that after the family asked the police to do a welfare check they found evidence of suspicious circumstances that led the to believe the children were missing and possibly in imminent danger.  They were last seen Friday night at 10p.m. at their Kent County home on 113 East Cayhill Lane in the Twin Willows development of Smyrna, Kent County Delaware.

Colette & Cortez Hamilton

Please stay on the look out for 35-year-old Keisha Hamilton who is 5’6’ and weighing 145 lbs. with brown hair and brown eyes.  Her daughter Colette Hamilton who is 4 years old (described as having black hair and brown eyes), and her son Cortez Hamilton who is 4 months old (described as having black hair and brown eyes).

Police believe that Keisha and her children may be in the company of the children’s father, Cortez Hamilton, Sr.

Cortez Hamilton, Sr. is described as a 32-year-old black man, standing 6’0” and weighing 195 lbs. with black hair and brown eyes.

Police say they may be traveling in a red 2005 Chevrolet Suburban with Delaware Registration PC121071 or possibly 2010 Toyota Matrix silver in color with Delaware Registration XP219435.

If you have information regarding the location of the missing children and their mother, please call 911 immediately or the Delaware State Police.


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