September 14, 2006

Having civilain advocates in the police stations is a great idea and a huge step towards ensuring that DV cases are handled. Finally there will be someone there to tell the victims what is available for them:
"Each police department will also be offered a civilian police advocate who would work in the station with the police in gathering domestic violence incident reports whether or not the incident involved an arrest.
Courtney Cahill, who is the director of the domestic violence division at DA Timothy Cruz’s office, explained the advocates would communicate with victims and let them know the services that are available."

Delahunt: domestic violence at root of most crimeNorwell Mariner - Marshfield,MA,USAUS Rep. William Delahunt stated in no uncertain terms Monday that domestic violence is a social ill that is at the root of most crime. ... - Local News: Delahunt: domestic violence at root of most crime


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