November 6, 2006

Saudi Court Sentences Vctim of Gang Rape to 90 Lashes

Ok, this is just plain stupid if you ask me!!! I am so glad that I do not live in that country!!!


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  1. The woman's family says it will appeal what it considers inadequate sentences for the rapists.

    Reread the above part of the story. They appealed because the sentences for teh rapists were inadequate! But not for their daughter that shouldn't be lashed for being raped!
    Unfortunately, in that country, they don't believe in any female being alone by herself with a male unless they are married (shudders to think too much on this, wouldn't want my parents along on dates!). In light of this, I can understand them thinking that because she was with him to begin with alone, that she is partially at fault. But come one! Thankfully the USA knows better then this!