October 9, 2006

St. Mary's Sheriff Receives Multiple Grants
Posted on October 02, 2006

This grant may actually help out St. Mary's County in Maryland if it is actually implemented!

"$20,000 goes to improving the effectiveness of the Sex Offender Registry Unit by increasing the number of follow-up verifications of registry information, called Project "Verify"." This will help make sure that the Sex Offenders are where they state they are, and followed closer so that less Sex Offenders can slip through the cracks.

"$14,340 to continue Project "SAVE" (Sheriff's Anti-Violence Enforcement Unit) the Domestic Violence Unit which is designed to coordinate the law enforcement response to victims." This will give the Director of the unit more time to actually assist DV Victims!

"$15,000 in additional monies for Project "SAVE" the Victims to enhance existing service efforts and meet the District and Circuit Court's guidelines for efficiency and promptness in serving the ex-partes and protective orders." This is greatly needed! So often victims attempt to get protective orders, and they take longer then needed to obtain. This grant money will enable the unit to also get a deputy in position to help decrease the time it takes to put in the information of the PO into the database and getting it to the assailant/suspect.

The other dispersement of this grant shows that finally a step has been made in the right direction. Only time will tell just how affective this grant will become.

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