November 6, 2006

Viet Nam News--Domestic violence law to protect women, families

This article origianlly invoked joy in me that they are finally making laws in Veitnam to protect women against DV. I have friends from there and they still have family there, so this sparked my attention when I saw it. It is great that the country is starting to take steps to proctect thier citizens with DV laws and that is definetly a step in the right direction. However, I was disgusted to read that the biggest portion of the dabate stemmed from the Sexual Abuse claus, because Sexual Abuse has been taboo and such a sensitive topic there for so long. They argued over how to determine action against Sexual Abuse because it is a personal matter, and even stated that "While agreeing that women were victims in most cases of sexual abuse, some delegates raised concerns on the clause prohibiting sexual abuse as it was difficult to be enforced. Though many women delegates called for defining types of sexual abuse to overcome the problem, they found it hard to define such actions and set sanctions for them." Now that is what made me the article and please leave a comment, I'd like to have others opinions on this!

Viet Nam News--Domestic violence law to protect women, families


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