February 20, 2009

Update: Amber Alert Issued for S.C. sisters after mother is stabbed

The sisters and brother have been found safe!!!  Gerardo Reyes-Campos still at large...

Thank God that the girls were found and that that brother is safe as well!  Now, to find the monster that tried to kill their mother and abducted the children.  He's at large and we need your help in finding him!  Someone has seen him, someone knows where he is!  He's out there somewhere, and most likely wont go to where they think he may because he's not going to want to get caught and be put in jail.  Please, re-blog, twitter, and pass on so that we can get this monster where he belongs behind bars for a very long time...

Our prayers are with Diane Madisol Trejo, the children, and her family...

WANTED: Gerardo Reyes-Campos

Officials said that 1-year-old Destiny and 3-year-old Melanie Reyes had been safely found, along with another missing child, 5-year-old Gerardo Hurto.  The children have been turned over to South Carolina authorities.

Their father, Gerardo Reyes-Campos, 29, remains at large.

Deputies warned that Reyes-Campos is considered armed and dangerous.  Members of the public should use extreme caution if they see him and should call 911 immediately.

Reyes-Campos' criminal record in South Carolina dates to 1996 and includes arrests for drunken driving, public drunkenness, domestic violence and cocaine possession.

Reyes-Campos, who is in the country illegally, was deported to Mexico in September, according to Lancaster Sheriff's Maj. David Belk.  Authorities did not know he had returned to the U.S., Belk said.

The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office has warrants out against Reyes-Campos for assault and battery with intent to kill.  The office plans to file additional charges against him in relation to the abduction.

Anyone with information should call Lt. Brown with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division immediately at 803-896-7133, or call 911 or *HP (*47) on cell phones.

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Amber Alert Issued for S.C. sisters after mother is stabbed

Authorities said they originally thought Reyes-Campos headed to Monroe, N.C., but now think he went south toward Columbia, S.C. He may be driving a 1992(other reports say a 200), tan Isuzu Rodeo with South Carolina tag BJD-238 (other reports state 287-HYN).

  Approximate Body Style

South Carolina authorities said they believe Gerardo Reyes-Campos, 29, stabbed his common-law wife, Diane Madisol Trejo, 22, in the neck and hands during a fight at a Lancaster County home Thursday evening.

Deputies came to the home after a neighbor called 911 around 9:15p.m.

Trejo was flown to Palmetto Health Richland Hospital in Columbia and was in critical but stable condition.  She suffered a 21/2 to 3 inch-long stab wound on her neck.

Authorities say Reyes-Campos then took their children, 1-year-old Destiny and 3-year-old Melanie Reyes, along with a 5-year-old boy Gerado Hurto.

Officials reported Friday morning that they found the boy safe, but Lancaster County authorities later declined to confirm that.

Destiny Reyes, 1, is described as a white/Hispanic female, about 2 feet tall and 25 pounds.  She ha brown hair and brown eyes.

Melanie Reyes is a 3-year-old white/Hispanic female, about 3 feet tall and 45 pounds.

Authorities say Gerardo Reyes-Campos, 29, abducted his children.  He is described as a white/Hispanic man, 5-foot-8 and 170 pounds.  He has brown hair and brown eyes.  He is considered dangerous.

Anyone with information  should call Lt. Brown with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division immediately at 803-896-7133, or call 911 or *HP (*47) on cell phones.

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February 18, 2009

Violence in teen relationships - increase due to apathetic acceptance?


...under twenty-five, both are financially set, yet a pattern of violent behavior has been documented by both friends and co-workers of the two celebrities. 

Relationship violence and sexual assault in this age group cuts across all genders, sexual orientation, and racial backgrounds. It is an accepted part of any teen couple's relationship and that is as disturbing as it is sad. The idea that a couple expects some type of abuse in their relationship is frightening. Where did this "it's okay" (...more)

Weathering A Violent Storm


SEBRING On Tuesday, nine of the 15 beds at Sebring's Peace River Center - a refuge for victims of domestic violence - were filled.

Joy Kruppa, director of victim services, said their numbers can vary, with one day being at over-capacity and another, they're under capacity.

In tough economic times like these, victims of domestic violence will often remain at the site of the attack rather than seek a safe place like Peace River, according to Kruppa.

"People will stay where they're at (more...)

Commentary: Rihanna is not alone - CNN.com


(CNN) -- For two days, news reports called her "the 20-year old victim" allegedly attacked by R&B singer and dancer Chris Brown in his car early February 8 in Los Angeles, California.

We all now have good reason to believe that the alleged victim was pop singer Rihanna, Brown's girlfriend.

The story has dominated the general media with good reason. Both singers are young, apple-cheek gorgeous, immensely talented and squeaky clean -- the last couple you'd imagine as domestic violence headliners.

Perhaps the only good that will come from the Rihanna/Brown publicity is destruction of our culture's misconception that abusers and their victims can only be universally (more...)

February 9, 2009

Chris Brown Arrested For (Allegedly) Assaulting Rihanna


All over the news of course is the fact that Christ Brown is arrested for beating up a "woman" and being held on a felony charge because the bruises were visible.  GOOD!  In the article it mentions the fact that his father was abusive towards his mother, which made him afraid enough at times to pee himself, and he hates his father till this day for that.  And yet, he couldn't keep himself from becoming just like him?  No surprise that he's become an abuser himself, and whether or not it was to Rihanna or another "woman", glad that justice is being done here. 

Unfortunately, this type of publicity only happens when it's a "Star" having it done to them.  How many women a day are abused this bad or worse, and society never hears about it?  Believe me, would keep the air waves clogged....

Regardless that he's a star, I'm glad to see this going around and hopefully bringing some attention to a cause that needs more publicity, more help, and where society truly does need to open their eyes on the ramifications and long term affects of Domestic Violence.  Too many still state that unless the child is hit themselves, Domestic Violence towards a mother doesn't mean that the father is a bad parent.  Ok, so, going to wait another 15-20 yrs to see the affects as that child becomes the next generation abuser?

  • Instead of appearing at the Grammy Awards, Chris Brown - seen at left with Rihanna at a pre-Grammy party - was arrested for a felony battery.
He surrendered to the LAPD and then posted $50,000 bail. An "unidentified woman" who appeared to have been beaten identified Brown as her attacker. Rihanna did not show up at the Grammys either.
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February 4, 2009

Safe & Secure Domestic Violence Social Network

A new social network just for domestic violence victims, survivors and advocates! This network is just getting started but offers the same features as other social networks, with the the only difference being that ALL members of the network are screened, making this a safe environment for victims, survivors and advocates alike to gain information and resources, share with each other, and support each other through peer-based support groups and forums.


Visit United Angels Against Domestic Violence

February 2, 2009

Cops say William Greer killed his girlfriend and left her body in the woods.

***Please re-blog this and distribute it widely!***

This came through my email as an AMW alert, and I just had to get it out to all the blogs in hopes that someone has seen this Murderer!  He's out there, after having killed a beautiful woman and mother, and he needs to be stopped before he kills again!

Tammy Myers Esquivel was a beautiful woman, and a mother of 2 children who obviously was in a violently abusive relationship.
"Cops believe Greer would torture Tammy with the nunchaku he was known to use.

But physical scars were not the only proof of William Greer's abuse.  After Tammy was murdered, Ryan (her X and father of her children) discovered a box of pictures Tammy kept at William Greer's house.

In the box, Ryan found letters that show the emotional torture cops say Greer put Tammy through.  In those letters, Tammy wrote to Greer, she apologizes for her kids being sick, or for running away from Greer because she was scared.

Ryan believes it is possible Tammy wrote those letters as a punishment Greer imposed on her."
>>Letter 1
>>Letter 2
>>Letter 3
>>Letter 4

Cops say this picture that Tammy took of herself is evidence of the physical abuse Greer put her through.

There's a lot of information on the AMW website about this case, please read through it!  Please, look through the pictures below, and if you've seen him, call AMW and report it!  Let's help get this Murderer (can think of a few other choice words, but being proffessional here) off the streets, get Tammy's family and children justice, and stop him from killing again!
AMW says he usually wears his cowboy hat, but may have switched to a baseball cap.
AMW states that he has a huge ego, let's help bring it down a couple notches!!!!

February 1, 2009

Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Week - Feb 2 - 6, 2009

February 2 - 6 is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and
Prevention Week for 2009. In 2006, Congress passed legislation that
the first week in February would be designated to focus on this
important issue facing our teens. Less than one week after its first
observance, Jennifer Ann Crecente - a high school honors student, was
murdered by her ex-boyfriend. Jennifer Ann’s group is dedicated to her memory.

For ideas on what you can do to promote awareness please visit their

Thank you for your interest and support of efforts to STOP Teen
Dating Violence!

"Jennifer Ann's Group" - Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Week - Feb 2 - 6, 2009