November 26, 2015

Happy ThanksGiving!!!

We at Le Chrysalis want to send out a “Happy Gobble Gobble” to you, and a prayer that you are all Happy & Safe tonight!!!

Looking back over this year we have so much to be happy for, and although we could fill up this post with a list of everything we are happy about, we wont bore you with that!  One thing we will state though is…

Le Chrysalis has it’s Library back!!!!  After it not wanting to work for almost 2 years, today, of all days, it has decided to be nice and start working again!!  Yes, we could have replaced that blog a long time ago, but with so much else to work on, and our prayers that it would come back, we’ve finally got it back! 

During the Holidays, our Prayers and our Well Wishes go out to all of you that you ALL have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!!  Please remember, above all, that the Holiday colors are NOT Black & Blue!!  You and yours deserve to be Happy, Safe & Pampered during this time of the Season above any other time of the year, even though all year should be the same. 

Happy ThanksGiving!!!!

November 10, 2015

School Principal Charged with Assaulting Wife

When hearing this, I had to post this…it made me really think of how so many people still think that Domestic Violence only happen in poor, uneducated families.  Here’s a Principal of a School, who MUST be educated in order to hold that position, and yet, here’s Domestic Violence…

One thing I want to be viewed is the fact that he’s been put on suspension with pay pending the investigation.  It worries me that a man who would assault his wife, lock her up in the bathroom, and hold a gun while authorities attempt to resolve the issue and him refusing to respond, and then later coming down and stating he didn’t hear them?  Ok, I believe that…when I believe pigs can fly!