December 18, 2014

Recent Murder & Manhunt in PA

I try not to share this kind of post on the main page of LC, but this I felt I really needed to until the library is fixed and working properly…

First off, I want to send out our sincere condolences to the family members of both Nicole Stone and Bradley William Stone.  Our hearts go out to the senseless loss that both families are going through at this time…  Our hearts go out to the children who are now left behind…


Nicole Stone

When I saw that there was a killing spree and manhunt in PA, I prayed that it wasn’t DV related, but had a sinking feeling that it would be.  Unfortunately, I was correct, and it sickens me to see this unfold.  Thankfully it has ended, unfortunately with seven dead, and it was senseless! 

What has been sticking out to me the most is the following:

Neighbors said Nicole Stone lived in such fear of her ex-husband that she would sometimes ask her apartment complex's maintenance staff to go in and check her place first because she was afraid he might be lying in wait.