August 10, 2017

Le Chrysalis is under a Metamorphasis…

We are at this time working to switch over to a website so that we can better reach out to the needs that we are seeing…

We have, over the last 12 years, seen and learned so much, and invisioned what it is that we want to accomplish, and this is a step towards that direction…

We are, and will continue, to keep Le Chrysalis Remembers updated through out this process…Please, visit and share your support to those families that have lost their loved ones to the senseless act of Domestic Violence!

As so many of us know, Domestic Violence is not simple, it is not a one size fits all issue.  Because of this, and because of the needs that we are seeing at this time, we are transforming into what we feel is needed to help make a difference…

Because I, Tracy, live in Sussex Co. Delaware, we are going to make sure that there is a lot of information and resources that are available for my area.  We are starting there, but we will not end there…

Please, know that we are busy working on making LC a place to come for information, resources, and support!  We feel that it is so vital for DV Victims and families that are going through DV with the victim to have this! 

Thank You for the years of support, and we truly look forward to making a difference with each and every one of you…

August 17, 2016

New Post on LeChrysalis Christian Center: Getting Married - The Feelings of a Domestic Violence Survivor

Getting Married - The Feelings of a Domestic Violence Survivor

It is not for my edification that I'm sharing my feelings at this time...something I find hard to do, opening myself to those I don't even know and God only knows what comments or reaction...but I felt driven to share these feelings of how God has truly brought me to this place in my life!

Please, if you are a Sister or Brother Survivor of abuse, and if you've gone through this time yourself, please read and comment and share your thoughts and experiences!  I know for many of us this is soooo hard to do, yet, I truly feel at this time that it's so important to show that we don't have to stay a Victim!

Thank You for letting me share this with you!

~Angel Hugz~

February 18, 2016

Weekly Remembrance 02-14 - 02-20 Now Up!

Weekly Remembrance 02-14 - 02-20

Weekly we will be sending out Weekly Remembrances...this week we are a bit late but we'll do better next time!  IF all goes as planned, they'll be available every Sunday a.m.!

Please, take a few moments and visit the Remembrance listing for the week, and possibly leave messages of support and prayer for those family members that are Remembering their loved ones this week that have been brutally taken away from them.

Together we Can Support those that have lost loved ones to Domestic Violence and Never forget those that have been lost!

Together, we Can and WILL make a Difference!