December 18, 2006

We can't leave children hanging

We can't leave children hanging
This is a very powerful and heart wrenching article where the voice of the children speak through to tell their story and their need. Please read the article and fill the form out and add your voice!
"CHRISTMAS is supposed to be a magical, carefree time for children.
But during the festive season, thousands of youngsters will call NSPCC hotlines including ChildLine to report violence and abuse.
The lines are funded almost entirely by charity donations – but a lack of cash means too many young callers are being left on hold.
Today, The Sun demands proper Government funding for these lines – and below we publish three harrowing transcripts of genuine calls to highlight their importance. You can support our campaign by filling in the form on the right."


To Beat or Not to Beat

To Beat or Not to Beat
This is a very powerful article on what so many are facing today, corporal punishment in the school systems. Again, it has come to the fore front where many schools want to spank children for acting out, saying that they are being forced to because of the childrens actions and not being able to be controlled within the school settings. This is a powerful article as to why this should not be done, and other solutions to the problems that school systems face.
"Children live what they learn. If they grow up being hit and beaten by adults as a means of controlling them and their behaviour, then they learn that force is a means to an end. I am well aware that many parents communicate effectively with their children and many spank in a controlled way with love. But many do it in heightened anger and accompanied by much verbal abuse. Many engage in this repeatedly."
Here is one of the most powerful reasons not to hit a child in a school setting. There are many other reasons, which are explained in this article.
The school my son was attending does do this, and parents must sign a release stating that they would agree to it being done to their child. I would not sign these papers, furthermore, talked to the teacher and told her that under no circumstances was she to threaten my child or other children in my childs' presence with spanking from her. My son has PTSD, as do many child survivors of DV do, and school is supposed to be a safe haven from abuse. Yet, for so many now, it isn't.
When I was going to school, it was finally passed within the Private Schools that the teachers were no longer allowed to rap your knuckles with rulers, or grab you up by the ear. Degrading and demeaning acts such as these should continue to be left out of our school systems. What must a child feel when being spanked not by a parent, but a school official, virtually a stranger? What fears must that child go through? Is the temporary affects worth the mental anguish and fear that child is surely to go through?
If you are against abuse and DV, this is something to look into at your own schools. Tell them it is wrong, show and share them other ways to deal with the issues. Abuse should not be allowed to happen within our school system! We do not want our children to learn that hitting is a means to an end!

December 15, 2006

Abusers facing court

Man facing domestic violence charges pleads not guiltyKGET 17 - Bakersfield,CA,USABAKERSFIELD - Months after a Bakersfield woman filed a complaint against her boyfriend for domestic violence, he finally faced a judge Tuesday afternoon. ...

Man to appear in court for domestic violence, resisting arrest and ...Marietta Times - Marietta,OH,USARonnie D. Goad, 32, was charged Tuesday evening after police were called to a domestic violence report at 7171 State Route 60, Lowell. ...See all stories on this topic


Fighting DV and helping DV Victims and Survivors

UMaine Staff Members Join Fight Against Domestic ViolenceWCSH-TV - Portland,ME,USAStaff at the University of Maine at Orono are wearing purple ribbons as a sign of support for victims. The people wearing the ribbons ...

Verizon gives $300,000 to help fight domestic violenceBaltimore Examiner - Baltimore,MD,USABALTIMORE - Verizon Wireless gave more than $300,000 Wednesday to 11 nonprofit Maryland domestic violence programs as the company honored retiring Attorney ...See all stories on this topic

Domestic Violence Victims Receive Community SupportAmerican Digital Networks (press release) - Annapolis,MD,USA... December 14, 2006 - In 2005, the Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence (SPAN) sheltered 222 women and 75 children, all victims of domestic violence. ...

Police collect toys for victims of domestic violenceQuad City Times - Davenport,IA,USA... Davenport police Sgt. Bruce McKee said many children who come from homes with domestic violence don’t get a chance to enjoy the season like other kids do. ...

Domestic Violences seems to go up around the Holidays

Holiday pressures add up to domestic violenceSmallTownPapers News Service - Seattle,WA,USA... along with the expected increase in crimes such as shoplifting, theft and vehicle prowls, the holidays also tend to lead to an increase in domestic violence. ...

Domestic Violence, A Growing Problem In Teenage RelationshipsKOTV - Tulsa,OK,USADomestic Violence is always a major problem around the holidays. ... Bixby Police officer Erik Smoot: “sometimes domestic violence is abusive language. ...


Judge gives child molester lenient sentence, DA labels judge's actions as "judicial wackiness" | KGET

I'm sure when you read this article you will notice this also.......a quote from the man's Defense Attorney:

“If there was contact, sexual contact, it was consensual, the relationship of the people involved,” said Castro. “All that came into consideration.”

Ok, now let me get this straight....the man was "in a relationship" with a 14-yr-old, got into trouble for that which lead to probation. Then was "in a relationship" with a 13-yr-old, and got in trouble for that AND breaking his probation.....and his Defense Lawyer states that the consensualness ( I do realize that isn't a word...but if they can be absurd then so can I and make up words to fit into my tirade!) of the relationships were taken into consideration as a reasoning for such a light sentence????WTF???? Consensual???? At 13 and 14? I mean yeah, sure I know it happens, and there are those out there that think there is nothing wrong with it......but it IS against the law, they were both minors and therefore not able to have consensual relationships with a grown man....or am I just going off the deep end here for no reason???


December 13, 2006

Domestic violence issues discussed in local training session

This is a good articel and well wortht he time it took me to read it!


Father convicted of domestic violence

I can't believe they made this deal....but then again I don't know the whole story.


Ohio court debates whether gay marriage, violence laws conflict

The more I read about this the more upset I get! I can not believe that the courts in Ohio are actually looking at and that there are lawyers trying to force this! If this guy gets off on this, what is to keep other women from being beaten on a regular basis, just because they aren't "married" to the person abusing them???? Aren't we setting ourselves back into the stone ages here???

Here is the page with several articles pertaining to this case and the DOMA Law:


Daily Herald - Domestic violence case now attempted murder