July 31, 2008

The Associated Press: Obama aids American in Mideast custody battle

I am not posting this as a political view or opinion of Obama or his campaign.  I am posting this because this woman contacted a senator and he is attempting to help her.  We have heard of and seen so many of cases where a parent has contact senate or congress members and been turned away.  Will his helping in this case give the push to others that would help in the future?

This woman is saying that her husband did abuse her and threaten her while living abroad with him and that he refuses to let her children return to the US.  He states that even though he has filed for a divorce she is welcome to return to Kobar, West Bank and live with them as a family.

KOBAR, West Bank (AP) — An American woman fighting to get back four daughters living in the West Bank with their Palestinian father has gotten unusually high-powered help — from Barack Obama.

The Associated Press: Obama aids American in Mideast custody battle

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  1. I applaud what Obama is doing for this Family! I too have known too many Victims that have gone to their Senators for help, only to be told that their office doesn't handle that, and then be given resources that usually don't pan out either.
    I pray that something is done here, and that this does indeed pave the way for future help for DV Victims through Senators and other Officers of the State. Sometimes, that kind of help is the only thing that will turn cases around, and save lives.