July 20, 2008

Update: Iraq war vet gets 40 months on child abuse charge

All I can say at this time is Thank God that the Judge looked past the black and white issues, and did the right thing and sentenced this "man" to the full extent of his possibilities.  I still don't feel it's enough for what he's done, but at least it is the maximum allowable by law.

I was very glad and heartened to see this this morning, and I truly do hope that other Judges see what's been done here and starts truly dispensing justice in their court rooms.

There should be NO reason for abuse, and there should be NO leniency in abuse cases.  I truly feel that they should not have taken a plea deal here, but at least he will not be getting out for a time, and wont be getting custody or visitations with the daughter he abused so heinously.

Dad gets prison for abuse

Kirk Coleman, an Army paratrooper who served in Iraq, did for Americans what he could not do for his child, a Jackson County judge said Thursday.

"You failed to protect your own daughter," Circuit Judge John McBain said Thursday before sending Coleman to prison for attempted child abuse.

McBain, nearly tripling the maximum penalty that state guidelines recommended for the charge, sentenced the 27-year-old to 3 1/3 to five years in prison for injuring his baby daughter in August and September.

He said the extent of the girl's injuries, which included nearly 20 broken bones, injuries to her private parts and brain bleeding, inspired him to stiffen the penalty. State guidelines called for zero to 14 months in prison; the maximum penalty for the offense is five years in prison.

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