July 14, 2008

Florida May Investigate Fewer Child Abuse Calls

I understand that the budgets are being cut everywhere and that government offices are short on staff everywhere.  But, what I don't get is trying to limit the number of investigations that are done.  I would not be willing to cut back on the investigations for fear that a child that needs help for real would fall through the cracks of an already broken system.

...The hot line averaged around 31,000 calls per month during the last fiscal year. About 80 percent of the calls resulted in an investigation...

As it is, we see news stories and reports from all over that there are children being taken from parents that really have done nothing wrong, and at the same time we see reports of children that are being abused forced to remain in those homes.

Yes, I agree that calls should be screened as much as possible, that is the only way to do that.  However, cutting back on investigations is only going to hurt the kids that really are being abused. 

Florida May Investigate Fewer Child Abuse Calls - News Story - WFTV Orlando


  1. Wow I did not see this. And what is ironic is that false calls are investigated even when proven false over and over. Thanks for posting I am going to add to FL UAADV.

  2. This upsets me greatly, because I'm sure this isn't the only state that is having crunches on their finances, and unfortunately with the economy going the way it is, wont be the last.
    One idea here could be to have CASA workers help with the investigation case loads. Volunteers that will help do the initial contacts and then report what their findings are. No, wouldn't be perfect, but I feel that at least a contact should be made.
    Once again, so many call for help for a child, only to meet obstacles. There are other things that can be done if they would only think outside the box, but unfortunately that doesn't happen too often.
    Instead of slashing investigations, there should be other things that can be done to cut costs. Putting a child's life in danger with a missed investigation should be the LAST option in my opinion.