July 21, 2008

Missing Fort Bliss Soldier Found Alive

Sister: Missing Fort Bliss soldier Jeneesa Lewis found alive, 'tired, scared and weak'

I'm so relieved to be sharing that the Missing Fort Bliss Soldier, Jeneesa Lewis, has been found alive.

ABC has shared that she's hurt; was beaten and stabbed twice, and has bruises all over her body.  But, she's alive!

When seeing this story, I knew that if she wasn't found in the next few days, that the chances of her being alive and well was very slim.  Clinton Lewis, seeing himself on the news, turned himself in, and is now in jail on a $75,000 bond (I'm sorry, I don't think there should be a bond allowed on this).

One of the things that got me about this was something he said, that soo many of us have heard so many times.  "He told her that if she ever left him, he'd kill her. If he couldn't have her, no one could," Skelton said. "I've heard him say that myself, several times."

I'm so glad that this has turned out well, and that she can now go home to her children, and I have hopes that he'll be in jail a long time so that her, her family, and her children can now be safe from him.

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