July 30, 2008

UAADV Supports NDVH's "Million Voices Campaign" Add YOUR Voice!

Below is the information on the "Million Voices Campaign" conducted by the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

This is something that UAADV is supporting 100%, and we'll be helping get the word out that this is something that any Survivor, Advocate, Organization, or even someone that just cares about the issue should get involved in!

We NEED a Million Voices!  We NEED to join together as ONE Voice against Domestic Violence.
Having many Organizations, having many working on the problems is a wonderful thing, and I applaud all that everyone does.  But until we do it TOGETHER, NOTHING will EVER be accomplished!

About the Campaign:
Approximately 33 million in the United States have experienced domestic violence.* Domestic violence is one of the most serious issues facing Americans, yet few know how to help end it. A imagesolution begins when families and communities start openly discussing the issue.

You can help end domestic violence in the homes of loved ones and in your community by joining the Million Voices Campaign to End Domestic Violence in America. The Million Voices Campaign is a group of people and organizations in America willing to educate, inform, and raise awareness about the problem of domestic violence and sources of help.  Read from other members sharing their voice about domestic violence.

Joining is easy and free of charge! As a member of the campaign you can make a powerful statement to America that domestic violence is an intolerable act. We also encourage you to ask others to join the campaign, and to use your influential voice to educate on sources of help for victims and on the community impact of domestic violence.

Please complete the online form to enroll in the largest volunteer effort against domestic violence. Help us achieve the goal of ONE MILLION members by joining the Million Voices Campaign, and give America a million reasons to end domestic violence. If you have any questions, please contact Kelly D. Wagner at 512-685-6269 or kwagner@ndvh.org.

* The Harris Poll #49 and #50. Conducted by Harris Interactive® 2006.
National Domestic Violence Hotline » e-Activism

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