July 13, 2008

Judge's ruling on restraining orders draws concern -- Newsday.com

 State Superior Court Judge Francis B. Schultz found that some elements of the 17-year-old law are unconstitutional. Among them: a low threshold of evidence _ just a "preponderance" _ to get a restraining order violates due process protections. Instead, judges need "clear and convincing" evidence to issue a restraining order, Schultz said....Judge's ruling on restraining orders draws concern -- Newsday.com



  1. I have a restraining order against me by a woman who is abusing the justice system and our children. She made false allegations in court to get the order. It is way to easy to manipulate the nj justice system by scumbag women who will do anything and hurt anyone (including their own children) to be the big winner in court.

  2. WAIT...THE JUDGE who denied Dr. AMY CASTILLO the right to protect her three small children, did so because he believed there was no "Clear and Convincing Evidence" that Mark Castillo presented a danger to them. I guess the only clear and convincing evidence he would accept are their tiny deceased bodies after their father drowned every one of them in a high-rise hotel bath during his "visitation" this spring. I recently saw a sign that "A gun is easier to get than a restraining order". NO WONDER MIRANDA Lambert's song is top ten all summer. FALSE ALLEGATIONS YOU SAY???
    Allegations are False in 1.3% of cases
    Dallam. S. J., & Silberg, J. L. (Jan/Feb 2006).
    WOMEN are violent too, you say??
    Women are victims in 95% of DV cases
    MALE victim STATS include
    MALE victims of their MALE
    Partners in Homosexual Unions
    Other Male victims INCLUDE
    Mmen hurt by
    Their Partners in acts of
    -US Bureau of Justice Crime Statistics
    ISSUE #3 Battered Women are not BIG WINNERs in AMERICAN FAMILY COURTS...and IF ALL of the men who said they were FRAMED were telling the truth, there'd be NO NEED for Restraining Orders AND FOUR women wouldn't be dead EVERY DAY. US Bureau of Justice Crime STATS.