August 9, 2008

Training will help crime victims know their rights

I was very happy to read about VINE and what is being done with it.  Victims of DV can finally keep track of what is going on with their abuser that's in jail!  Too many times I've talked with Victims that have found out days later that their abuser was let out of prison early due to "Good Behavior".  In one case, the abuser made a visit to the victim and beat her up, her never knowing that she was once again in danger. 

Too many Victims count on the system telling them that their abuser is getting out.  Too many times they are NOT told.

I see this as a vast improvement and something that can truly save lives.........................

Included in this article is information about victims rights that too many Victims don't know they posses.

“There are three people obligated to inform victims of their rights,” Ehlert said. “The police, the prosecutor and probation.”

"She also emphasized building relationships within the community, in particular the relationship between advocates, attorneys and law enforcement."

This is something that I've said for a long time now, that Everyone involved with a victim MUST work together.  In working together, the Victim wins!

What is VINE?
VINE is an online program that allows victims to keep track of offenders in county jail and state prisons.
There is no charge to use the VINE website. It’s available 24/7 and is a way to empower and protect victims.
County sheriff offices will notify victims (or an advocacy group associated with the victim) when an offender is released. However, the Department of Corrections are not required to notify victims. So the VINE system is an excellent way for victims to keep track of the offender.
You can also register for notification.
VINE can be found online at or by calling -1-877-MN-4-VINE (877-664-8463).

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