July 15, 2008

Placement - Second Chance Employment Services

This site could be a useful resource for a Domestic Violence Victim who is looking for a good job to help her when she is starting over.

...specialize in placing financially at-risk women, with skills ranging from minimal education and experience to skilled professionals, in meaningful employment positions.

Our volunteers are Human Resources (HR) managers who bring to our organization the benefit of long-standing networks with other HR directors and managers in both the public and private sectors.

Our staff members are trained HR professionals with experience in recruiting hard-to-place applicants and...

Placement - Second Chance Employment Services


  1. I would also like to assist. I oversee 4 animals hospitals in 10tates. VA, SC, FL, GA, NY, MA, CT, NH, VT, PA. We have many positions open for client service representative, animal care nurses (and we have internal training programs), benefits include great health and dental plans, and pay ranges from $12-25 per hour. In addition animals are very rewarding to work with and appreciate individuals unconditionally.
    I will give Mary my contact information if anyone in these states may be interested.