July 19, 2008

No Cash Makes Men Wife Beaters?

This article was shared with me by a Sister Survivor, and I'm thankful that she did.  I have to agree with much that Judge Jeanine Pirro says, and I am not looking forward towards the rise of DV now that the economy is going in the hole.

Those in the industry know that the lowering economy inadvertently also means a rise in DV.  This fact doesn't mean that any man without money in his pockets is going to commit violence, but those that are prone to violent outbursts are going to be harder pressed to contain it. 

This also means that we need to be more vigilant about getting the word out on DV, and get more community involvement to help curb this.  Society needs to open their eyes, and not think that someone else will handle what they see.  Everyone can take a participation in the fight against DV, and everyone can take steps in helping those that are experiencing violence within their homes.

Judge Jeanine Pirro weighs in on reports that say financial stress can cause a spike in abuse against women.

Any type of stress in an attacker's life will contribute to domestic violence, but let's be clear: First you must have a man who is willing to beat his wife.  And although there is no direct link to abuse and the fluctuations of the economy, an abuser will use job stress as an excuse to abuse. That said, studies do show during the holiday season (a universally stressful time) or in the summer (when people are hot and irritable), domestic abuse tends to increase. But there are also men who batter their wives because dinner isn't ready, or because the Red Sox lost. An abuser has no rhyme or reason and being violent is a choice.

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