July 14, 2008

And, we expect them to watch our shores...Coast Guard Domestic Violence Cover-up? Or not?

...and they can't even ensure that one BM1 is not allowed to leave his station to make good threats he made to his ex-wife....or how bout this novel idea; they can't even ensure that justice is served by turning him over to the civil authorities that have already charged (in two states) and in one state sentenced him?

Why so many state involved you ask??  His former spouse had to go into hiding and he found her, then she moved again, and he found her, and now I'm sure she is hiding again (I would be) since the very people this country depends on (the US Coast Guard) to protect us can not manage to protect one woman and one child.

Makes ya feel safe going to sleep at night doesn't it?  I would bet that she can't sleep!

I found a story while stumbling around the net earlier.  I at first couldn't believe what I was reading, I am prior service (not the same branch) and so yes I know these things happen...but this one just got to me.

Short version is that a member of the Coast Guard has been convicted of Domestic Violence (DV) in two different states, has been making threats to his wife and family, and is still safely in another state serving in the Coast Guard. 

Apparently the Command knows about the warrants and the jail time he hasn't served and supposedly know that if they keep him right where he is, then he doesn't have to worry about this.  Well...now ok, that wasn't fair, that was total speculation on my part, as I have not done any research into this case past these sites listed here:

http://equalcivilrights.blogspot.com/ --This blog covers in-depth and up to date this story.

http://www.cgblog.org/search/label/domestic%20violence  --This is to the search results of this blog containing all their posts about this story.

http://www.victimsofwarathome.com/id2.html  --From what I can tell this site is the main site for this case.  This particular link is to the page containing the time line and all copies of all the restraining orders, etc....  Most recent on the time line is as follows:

June-July 2008
2  Active Warrants for his arrest out of NH 
1  Active Warrant for his arrest out of CT
1 Active Arrest Warrant out of CA
As of June 9, his bailed was revoked out of Exeter, NH Court
* He has still failed to turn himself in*

June 27, 2008
BM1 Receives 3 Year Prison Sentence in NH
He Failed To Attend His Sentencing Hearing
BM1 Is Still Considered Active Duty and Stationed at a USCG Station in South Carolina

By looking more into this, not only is this guy evading justice, he is dangerous!  And, to top it off....it appears that the Coast Guard is allowing him to stay where he is and is pushing all of this under the rug as quietly as they can.

Please help get this story circulated, the more that know the better chances of justice being served.  This woman is in fear of her life, in fear of her child's life, something must be done.

As the UAADV National Rep.  I have already contacted one of the blog owners above and asked that a message be passed along offering our assistance, but that hardly seems enough in light of what is going on here.

Thus, in my prayers this family remains.

And, as a note; I would like to add that all the views and opinions expressed here are my own.



  1. Mary,

    I can assure you the Coast Guard is not brushing this under the rug. While the victim is rightfully angry and afraid, she must consider that the USCG must protect the confidentiality of the matter and she may not be privvy to all that is going on. I have been involved with many dv cases as well as military ones. There is more than meets the eye here and the victim should have legal counsel informing her of the complexities. Her information is slightly skewed. Furthermore, while the alleged perpetrator is not likely innocent, he is not been safely harbored anywhere by the Coast Guard.

  2. Thank you for assuring me (and our readers) that the USCG is not pushing this under the rug; I would like to point out that I did say it 'appears' that this is being pushed under the rug. I do sincerely hope that the USCG is doing what it needs to do to ensure justice is served. I do understand that there is a certain level of confidentiality that goes along with these things as I have also worked with a few different military DV cases (when I was still on active duty) and I do realize that all this going on in different states is more than likely complicating things that much further. However, if push needs to be made to get someone up and doing what needs to be done, that was our objective in posting this. I would also like to point out that there are a few things that have happened since this particular post went up, and those updates are going to be prepared and posted tomorrow (Wed.), if you have something you would like for me to add to my post please email me privately (I can keep the info anonymous if you wish). UAADV.National@gmail.com

  3. The USCG is pushing this under the rug. They have already admitted to violating UCMJ Article 90 & 92, The Privacy Act and today it was confirmed by multiple legal and government officials that they have violated the Lautenberg Amendment
    I can legally state that this is fact not fiction. Please review all aspects of the sight as it will help connect all of the aspects of this situation

  4. The Coast Guard Report team appreciates the dedication and willingness of the Nationwide members of UAADV in publicizing this story. Your courageous work and efforts in the field of assisting victims of domestic violence are commendable.