September 12, 2006

This web site,, appears to have a very good section with Domestic Violence Articles. The writers cover everything from upcoming Congress deliberations on the Violence Against Women Act to the life of a DV counselor. These articles are insightful for Advocates, Survivors, Victims and the general public.

No Safe Haven
By The Editors
In the coming months, Congress and the Supreme Court will signal whether we are advancing in our fight against domestic violence, or in retreat

Breaking the Silence- News: Taking away battered women's kids
By Sara Catania
When award-winning documentary filmmakers Catherine Tatge and Dominique Lasseur set out to chronicle the effect of domestic violence on children, the husband and wife team imagined theyĆ­d be spending most of their time researching approaches to therapeutic healing. What they found instead was a system that routinely penalizes women who are victims of domestic violence by favoring their abusers in battles over child custody.

The Counselor- News: Patricia Prickett set out to beat the violence and ended up in the belly of the beast, working with the L.A.P.D.
By Sara Catania
ON A WARM DAY IN 2001, Patty Prickett sat in her office in the West Los Angeles police station, trying not to cry. With her were a five-year-old boy and his younger sister…

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