September 12, 2006

Meet Mary

I'm a disabled veteran and home-schooling mom to my 16 yo son. I am a volunteer advocate and life coach for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors.  I crochet, make jewelry and do various other crafts.  I started an Etsy shop as an outlet for the things I make.  I have learned to live in each day and do what I can for that day only!

My coaching, advocacy, crafts and various other activities are based around days when I feel up to doing things.  Please do not feel that I am ignoring you or do not see any comments you leave for me online if I do not answer right away.  Some days I just do not feel well and do not get online due to the limitations of my disability.

I have been where you are, I understand the pressures of having to start over and the fears that come with it. I understand the problems that arise when you try to start thinking of moving on with your life after having gone through an abusive relationship.

Not everyone knows they are ready to pursue a better lifestyle. Most of us do want to be happy, healthy, and financially stable; but how many people actually know how and are ready to take the steps required to achieve those things?

As a Domestic Violence Survivor and Life Coach I know what it takes and will provide you with the tools to reach your goals, but the work is up to you. It is not easy and at times will be frustrating, but the purpose of having a coach is to make the hard parts bearable and to ease the frustrations when they arise.

I am a Registered Healer (RH) with the International Natural Healers Association (INHA) with a Bachelor's in Spiritual Healing from Reiki Blessings Academy; a Minister of The Universal Light Church (TUL), also having been conferred the degree of Doctor of Divinity with TUL; a Reiki Master and Teacher; EFT Practitioner and have completed certificate courses in Meditation and Chakra Balancing through Reiki Blessings Academy as part of my Bachelor program. I completed my life coaching courses with Holistic Harmony's Life Coach Training Program and I have a Bachelor of Divinity degree from University of Metaphysical Sciences.

All of my healing work is done from the Christian perspective.  I believe that the method of hands on healing taught by Jesus was what is referred to in today's times as energy healing.  Regardless what you actually call the method of energy healing it is still all, at it's base, energy.  I also believe that the body, mind and spirit all need to be healed and kept in a general state of wellness for us, as human beings, to be happy and well.

Currently I am working on a Master degree in Spiritual Healing with Reiki Blessings Academy and a Master of Divinity degree with University of Metaphysical Sciences .  As my studies are on-going, I will update this page often.

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I look forward to getting to know each of you, Go Empower Yourself!

~Mary Morgan RH, INHA  (Personal ~ Blog:  Mary's World)

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