September 8, 2008

UPDATE: Ruggiero Case

I admit, I am WAY behind sending this update out!  For that I apologize.  However, do want to get this out, and I am currently looking for the info on what is happening with this as it goes into court.

Below are the articles (well the main ones) with the update. 

In a nutshell:  BM1 Ruggiero is finally in custody and awaiting punishment.  I do believe that today (Monday, Sept. 8th, 08) is the day he will appear in court....however I could wrong about this.

Please take the time to actually read the above articles and the comments that have been made to them to get the full scope of what is going on here!  I did not feel that it would help anything to repeat what has already been said....

Look for another update in a few days as soon as I find out what has happened in court!

Our Thoughts and Prayers remain with this family as they go through this difficult time.

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  1. All charges against Jeffrey Ruggiero were dismissed last summer in all 5 states.

    On Friday 5/7/10, Kristin Ruggiero was found guilty on all 13 counts (12 felony + 1 misdemeanor) for crimes committed against her husband. She now resides in the Rockingham Department of Corrections. The Judge called her a "pathological liar"!