September 10, 2008


I am very glad to see a school stepping up and educating students in domestic violence, abuse and dating violence and abuse. These are things that our children need to know!!

Let's just hope this catches on and other states pick this up soon and run with it!!

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Phaedra Laird ( ) - 9/9/08 03:51 pm
Last Updated - 9/9/08 06:34 pm
"MILLVILLE--After three apparent domestic related shootings in Cumberland County just within the past month, local schools are getting involved to try and combat the staggering statistic. It's a real life education that teachers hope their students are quick to learn.

School's back in session and this year there's a new subject for kids at Millville's Lakeside Middle School. The program is called Safe Dating, and during health classes students will learn what it means to be in a healthy relationship. 'The goals of safe dates are to cover positive relationships,' said Family Life Teacher, Stacey Trimble, 'what constitutes a healthy relationship, what constitutes a negative relationship. We're also going to talk about abuse.'

'These issues are skyrocketing,' said Principal Tom Denning. In the past month, a domestic murder suicide type incident has taken place in Millville, Vineland, and just yesterday in Bridgeton. With the rising level of domestic violence, school officials say they need to do everything they can to try and combat the problem. 'It needs to be addressed and where else could it be addressed than the education system?'

The program was made possible through a $300,000 grant awarded to the city by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's New Jersey Health Initiatives program. 'It was a blessing,' said Denning, 'it's just another resource to help kids."

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