September 22, 2008

Hidden Secrets: Same Sex Domestic Violence

On October 5th, 2008 at 5:30PM (Eastern Time Zone) B.L.L.A.S. will be hosting a show on BlogTalkRadio titled "Hidden Secrets: Same Sex Domestic Violence".  This show is scheduled to be an hour long and the call in number is: (347) 826-7674.

Show Description:  Domestic violence in the Same Gender community is a serious issue. The rates of domestic violence in same-gender relationships is roughly the same as domestic violence against heterosexual women. As in opposite-gendered couples, the problem is likely underreported. Facing a system which is often oppressive and hostile towards those who identify as anything other than "straight", those involved in same-gender battering frequently report being afraid of revealing their sexual orientation or the nature of their relationship.

For More Information or to set a reminder of the show time:  same gender loving and Domestic Violence talk radio show | Hidden Secrets: Same Sex Domestic Violence

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