September 11, 2008

Update: Ruggiero Bail now denied

Ok, well first off here is the video from court on Monday:

(sorry can't get the embedded vid to work...not sure what is going on with it...just go to the link and watch it)

And, on a good note Mrs. Ruggiero said yesterday:
I just spoke with the County Attorney Superior Courts Office. As of today the judge placed a no bail hold on Jeffrey until his arraignment on his bench warrant hearing that is scheduled on Sept 16. At this time the judge could give him a bail or keep the current no bail decision until Jeffrey's appeal hearing in Nov

But the good news is, from today until Sept 16th, Jeffrey will be held in the states prison.


  1. What has happened to this woman and child. are they alive, are they safe

  2. All charges against Jeffrey Ruggiero were dismissed last summer in all 5 states.

    On Friday 5/7/10, Kristin Ruggiero was found guilty on all 13 counts (12 felony + 1 misdemeanor) for crimes committed against her husband. She now resides in the Rockingham Department of Corrections. The Judge called her a "pathological liar"!