September 16, 2008

Domestic Violence addressed in comic strip

I stumbled across a small mention of this comic strip and the fact that she will be running intermittent strips through November which discuss domestic violence.  I ran across this in a article that actually is putting Sandra Bell-Lundy down for doing this.  So I went searching to find out what is going on with this and how she is portraying it.

Below is one of the articles that I found.  Looks to me like she is doing this as a good way to get the info out there!  This is great as far as I am concerned, get awareness out to those that may not be able to get it any other way.  Brilliant!!

Between Friends' Strip Addresses Spousal Abuse By E&P Staff Published: September 15, 2008 12:45 PM ET NEW YORK Sandra Bell-Lundy's "Between Friends" comic is addressing spousal abuse in a storyline that will run intermittently through November. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, one in every four women will experience domestic violence at some point. "A friend of mine was involved in this type of situation when she was in her early 20s," said Bell-Lundy. "She confided in me years later...." To gain more insight into domestic abuse, the Canadian cartoonist met with staff at women's shelters. Early response to the storyline has been very positive, according to King Features Syndicate, which distributes "Between Friends" to nearly 140 newspapers. It's primarily a humor strip. An example of a "Between Friends" spousal-abuse episode can be seen here.

Original Article:  Between Friends' Strip Addresses Spousal Abuse

By clicking the word "here" above you are taken to just one example, however you can click on the calendar dates below that to see more.  The strips referring to DV start in August and as far as I could tell the last one is Sept. 6th, but keep an eye on this; she is going to be writing the DV strips into the story line all the way through November.

I feel that we should follow this and we should support her and show her that this does matter and thank her for doing this!  To view her blog go here.  In one of her blog posts she says that she is in the process of making an archive with all the DV related strips to put up on her web site and will blog the link to it when she is finished.


  1. I really LOVE this comic strip, and think it's going to get people thinking in bite sized pieces. Wonderful idea!
    ~Angel Hugs~

  2. I'm discussing the possibility with my boss of purchasing license to reprint this on our website or maybe using it with our promotional materials for a domestic violence awareness program that we're working on. I love it, and anyone who's giving heat needs to give themselves a long look in the mirror!

  3. Thank you both for your comments! I think it is great that you, pwincessm, are talking about using this in an upcoming awareness program! Thanks for sharing that with us, and please let me know how that turns out and leave a link here for us to follow to your website.

  4. That's great.

    But what about battered men, like myself, who have to endure years of torture and are demonized from all quarters?

    My ex-wife, a practicing family lawyer, abused me physically, sexually, financially and emotionally. She has waltzed into court under false pretense in ex parte actions and stolen the matrimonial home. Her unsubstantiated claims of arrears in child support (I was $20,000 AHEAD of support obligations prior to the total disability triggered by her abuse) have resulted in my passport being revoked and all government assistance disappearing. She has blocked all of my access to our two daughters for three years now. I have never once had an opportunity to testify or present my story. And, in 1999, she strangled me with homicidal intent in front of our eldest daughter, then three years old. 18 months later I discovered my ex's handprint clearly visible in the most livid bruise I have ever seen, on the same daughter's behind. Despite all of this, the "justice" department demonizes ME, for the crime of possessing a Y chromosome.

    When was the last time you heard a comic strip talking about that?

    Her name, by the way, is Dawn Lynn Nelson and she is a family lawyer in Edmonton, Alberta. She lives with our daughters and her father, who has a history of paedophelia.