September 25, 2008

Child Abuse Professionals rally around Holly Ann Collins

The Leadership Council published a great article by Dr. Joyanna Silberg.  This article gives the history of the case, for those of you that have not been following it.  Tells what happened when Holly Ann Collins returned to the US this week for court, and discusses the evidence that shows domestic violence and child abuse were a factor in this all along.

In a Hennepin County, Minnesota court house Tuesday, Holly Ann Collins pled guilty to contempt of court and accepted 40 hours of community service. The more serious charges of kidnapping and custody interference that could have resulted in a long prison sentence were dismissed. Holly Ann Collins acknowledged in an interview that she indeed had contempt for the court that ordered her children into a life of abuse.

As the story of those 14 years has unfolded, Holly Ann Collins who left in secret as an outlaw is being welcomed back by domestic violence professionals and child abuse experts as a heroic woman who valued her children's safety above all else.

To read the full article:  The Leadership Council - Press Release

We are all very pleased with the outcome of this particular case.  However, there is no reason that a mother should have to leave this country to protect her children from abuse.  The justice system failed these children and their mother and are still doing so to others. 


  1. it isnt your country!!

    it is miss tveter collins bremer ore what ever she will name here self

    i live next to here!!

  2. Wilby, Are you the alcoholic who beat her up because her kids walked across your lawn? Shame on you!

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