August 27, 2008

UPDATE: Louisville woman found dead

Ok, so if the police were called to the house four times in a year...hhhmmm...not enough evidence for the restraining order...hhhmmm...I still say her blood is all over that judges hands now.  Maybe next time he will think and this will make others think also!!  And, yes I noticed that there were no arrests in the previous police calls...

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - WAVE 3 has uncovered disturbing new information in the murder of a Pleasure Ridge Park woman. On the same day 68-year old William "Gerry" Seidl was arraigned in his wife's murder, WAVE 3 obtained new court documents and courtroom video. Both show that a judge denied a domestic violence order for the victim even though she had been granted one by another judge in the past who felt her life was in danger. 

One day after a judge denied to grant Dorene Seidl a domestic violence order, Gerry Seidl picked up his guns from authorities. Three days after that, police say Seidl shot and killed his wife.  More....

At least now I do understand WHY it took the cops a few hours to get into the house.  Here's more of the updated info from another source......

06:12 PM EDT on Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Photos from the scene

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(WHAS11) - New details are starting to trickle in about the estranged couple that neighbors called friendly and every day folks.

But police reports indicate something different.

WHAS11’s  look at police runs to their home reflects a couple that despite outward appearances---there was conflict.

That conflict came to a deadly conclusion Monday.

A wife of many years---69-year-old Dorene Seidl—found shot to death inside her home and her husband, 68-year-old William Seidlis charged with murder after holding off police for four hours before surrendering.

The SWAT TEAM feared she was dead as the call went out for them to roll.

The next challenge says SWAT was trying to keep the man from ending his own life.  They brought in their hostage negotiating team, which actually entered the house to talk.

In the neighborhood it all seemed so bizarre.  To many this couple seemed made for each other.

But WHAS11’s review of police runs shows that between October of last year and August 7th of this year, there were a total of four police runs to the Grandfield Way address. No arrests were made on those runs.

Link to original article:  Police reports reveal trouble in marriage before man allegedly kills wife, neighbors stunned | TOP STORIES | | News for Louisville, Kentucky

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