September 19, 2008

Today is the DAY!!

Today is National Respect Day to raise awareness about sexual assault and take a stand against child abuse.

You can lend your support by texting the keyword “RESPECT” to 41010 – for a goal of 10 million acts of respect for the 10 million children who witness violence in their homes each year. Your mobile effort will be mapped out on, which will be populated by the minute with respect acts across the country.

You can also go to the web site and sign the declaration which will also be mapped.  Look around the site once you get there, there is information and many different ways to become involved. 

This is a virtual rally, so no matter where you are you can join in the rally!  If you are concerned for your private information, then use a different name and zip code when signing the declaration, it is the numbers that count!

You can also choose to donate $5 from your mobile phone to support the Family Violence Prevention Fund (FVPF), one of the nation’s leading organizations working to prevent and end violence against women and children, and you can invite a friend to join the movement. (The $5 donation will be added to your phone bill after you opt in.)

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