September 20, 2008

Don't lie to the children

Atum Azzahir, and her son Taylor, were keynote speakers and workshop presenters at the Georgia Commission on Family Violence's 15th annual statewide Family Violence Conference in Savannah.

While his mother preached the value of education, his father practiced domestic violence. So at a young age Anthony Taylor set two goals for himself: Graduate from high school and kill his father. In that order. 

As is often the case in domestic violence situations, Atum Azzahir, says that she did leave from time to time; but she always went back.

...morning after she and the children had spent the night at a friend's home. She was preparing to return home when her son asked her a question.

"Why are we going home?" Taylor asked his mother.

"To make breakfast," she answered.

"The way he looked at me made me decide to never tell that kind of lie again," Azzahir said. "I didn't say I'm going home because I'm...

She said that if she had it to do over again that she wouldn't lie to the kids.  She advises others to talk to the children honestly and in age appropriate ways.

...Azzahir left her husband when she learned her sons were plotting to kill him. She left because she did not want her sons -- especially Taylor, the oldest -- to carry lifelong burdens for having killed their father.

In the end, however, Azzahir's sons watched as he dragged her from her car, shot her five times at close range and...

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