August 15, 2008

Welcome to Le Chrysalis and UAADV!

Le Chrysalis is a circular provided by United Angels Against Domestic Violence (UAADV).  The purpose of this circular is to provide information, resources, updates, empowerment and more to DV victims and survivors, as well as for advocates to share with those they are working with.   Le Chrysalis will be published every other month in the middle of the month.
You will notice that several of the articles do not include names or give credit to the writer, this is to protect the identities of those that cannot speak out in their own yet.  Le Chrysalis provides the means to let the silent be heard, empowering victims, survivors and NCM's across the nation.

UAADV was formed by Tracy Hommel to bring everyone together to have one voice against DV and issues pertaining to DV; such as family violence, sexual assault and the struggles of NCM's.  UAADV is for victims, survivors, and NCM's to have a place to go for support, to give support, become empowered and get the chance to heal and move forward.

UAADV has many different project that are already up and running as well as new projects that are being organized as need arises.  UAADV is bringing victims, survivors, NCM's, advocates, organizations and communities together in a way that never before has been done, and therefore our methods may seem a little strange and new to you at first.

UAADV is the parent organization that hosts several Yahoo-based peer groups, individual state blogs for each state, and runs a fully functioning main website to keep everything in one place.  The main website is at

Each issue of Le Chrysalis will highlight what is new within UAADV and UAADV peer-support groups, as well as what is going on around the country.  Since UAADV does have members in other countries there on occasion will be articles of interest internationally.

The name Le Chrysalis was decided upon to symbolize the stages that an abuse victim goes through in transforming into a survivor.  The healing period in between is just like the cocoon that the caterpillar remains in while making the transformation into a beautiful butterfly.

Each victim has it in them to emerge from abuse an empowered survivor, they just need to know the potential is there and that they are not alone.  Le Chrysalis brings the message to them that they can survive and then thrive! 

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