August 15, 2008

What’s New with UAADV?

With this being the first issue of Le Chrysalis we are going to take this opportunity to explain what blogs, groups and projects fall under UAADV.  In this section you will find in coming issues what is new within the organization as a whole.

UAADV Blogs  
The state blogs are done by the Volunteer State Reps (VSR's) but ultimately fall under UAADV.  None of the state blogs are out there doing their own thing.  Tracy Hommel, UAADV Founder and Mary Morgan, UAADV National Rep. are working together to keep information up for those that do not have state reps yet.  There is also a UAADV News Blog and Teen Blog. 

UAADV Peer Support Groups:
Abused Apply Here (AAH) – currently has 132 members and has been an active group since March 2004.  This group is for DV victims and survivors to talk with others that have been through or are going through DV; showing them that they are not alone and that they can get out and makes it.  Advocates are welcome in this group to help when resources and other types of information are needed.

   Update: 1 member is now volunteering at her local shelter; another member is now going to college with a major in criminal justice; and 2 members have gotten out of their abusive relationships; and 1 member is working her way through a transitional housing program.  We are proud of each and every one of them!  We have gotten quite a few new victims that have come in for support in their journey towards a new life of freedom, as well as new Survivors that have joined to give & gain support.

Non-Custodial Moms Breaking the Silence (NCM-BTS) – currently has 270 members and has been an active group since November 2005.  This group is for mothers, advocates, activists, and professionals that are fighting back at a system that has miserably failed to protect mothers and their children from abuse.  This group networks with other organizations and professional affiliations, to bring to the group vital information quickly and from a broad range of resources.  NCM-BTS is exposing the “Best kept dirty little secrets in Americas Family Courts.”

   Updates:  Three moms from our group have gotten to spend time with their children for summer visitation for the first time in a long time this year and one mom has won custody of her children back!  Another Mom has moved back to the state her children are in, and is planning to start fighting harder to win time with her children back.  1 Mom has gotten to spend time with her daughter outside of safe visit which lasted 6 years.  Another Mom is now talking to her children via phone that she felt she'd lost years ago.
  Way to go Momz!!! 

Angels Outreach Ministries (AOM) – currently has 24 members and has been an active group since February 2006.  AOM is a Christian based peer group for those that have lost their faith as a result of the abuses they have suffered.  This group also welcomes those that are strong in their faith in Jesus and God to assist others that are struggling with their faith. 

UAADV Faith Outreach (FO) – currently has 13 members and has been an active group since March 2006.  FO is a peer group for those that have lost their faith in whatever they had faith in as a result of abuses suffered.  FO is not focused on one particular faith path and the members are very diverse in their religious beliefs. 

Wings of Hope - Crafty Angels (WOHCA) – currently has 39 members and has been an active group since September 2005.  WOHCA is the Crafts & Donations Branch of UAADV.  WOCHA is open to anyone that wants to help DV victims and survivors through crafts or donations.  The discussion group on Yahoo is augmented by the WOHCA Blog.

   Update: The current project is making totes for shelters for Christmas presents.  Volunteers are making totes that are crocheted, knitted, quilted, etc.  These totes will be  gifted to women and children in DV Shelters within the member’s local areas.  Totes will  be filled with items that shelter residents need or Christmas presents at the members  discretion.  If you would like more information, or would like to contribute to this project, please contact Mary Morgan at

   WOHCA is at this time making an afghan for a 7 yr old girl that lost her mother this month in NC.  Her mother was gunned down in cold blood by her ex-boyfriend in the parking lot of her apartment building, on her way to work.  She had an order of protection  against him at the time.  We will also be giving the Mother of the victim a shawl in conjunction with Sheila's Shawls.  Pictures and more information will be available on the WOHCA blog when items are finished.

Graphics for DV Awareness – currently has 15 members and has been an active group since April 2008.  This group is for raising awareness of domestic violence through the making and sharing of graphics.

   Update: We want to take this chance to thank every Survivor that has made graphics for DV Awareness, and to also thank those that are taking these graphics and sharing them.   

UAADV Advocates (Advocates) – currently has 39 members and has been an active group since April 2005.  This peer group is for those that are ready to make a difference in the field of DV Advocacy; for the sharing of ideas as well as supporting one another through being an advocate.  This group is open to all advocates no matter where a person is working or volunteering.  Having a group of peers to bounce ideas off and to turn to when the everyday horrors get to be too draining is very important in an advocates' life. 

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