August 16, 2008

Le Chrysalis August 2008 Issue

Welcome to Le Chrysalis and UAADV!
Le Chrysalis is a circular provided by United Angels Against Domestic Violence (UAADV).  The purpose of this circular is to provide information, resources, updates, empowerment and more to DV victims and survivors, as well as... Read More

What's new with UAADV?
With this being the first issue of Le Chrysalis we are going to take this opportunity to explain what blogs, groups and... Read More

Survivor Stories
My childhood was normal. I had two normal kid sisters, a normal mom, a normal dad, and even a normal dog. We lived in a normal brown house, on a normal American street, in a normal sized town. The beatings were also normal. I wasn’t hit, but it might as well have been me. The sob filled screams of my mother echoed throughout our normal house on a somewhat regular basis. They terrified my normal sisters, my normal dog, and my normal adolescent life. Afterwards we would usually... Read More

Empowered Teen
An important thing to know is that domestic violence doesn't just happen to married couples; it can happen in any relationship. If you are being treated badly, talked down to, questioned on where you are all the time, forced to... Read More

Empowerment Technique
Make a list of what you are already doing each day that makes you feel good. Some examples of this could be anything from eating breakfast to taking a shower to watching your favorite show. I know for me some days are so bad I am just... Read More

Empowerment Resource
Tailored Life Coaching is a holistic and spiritual ministry for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survivors.  TLC caters to... Read More

Survivor Poems
This issues poem is entitled Child Abuse... Read More

Survivor Made DV Awareness Graphic
This issues graphic was made by Angela Martin... View Graphic

Empowered Survivor
This issues empowered survivor is Yvonne Mason... Read Her Story

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