August 27, 2008

Louisville Woman Found Dead

Where in the world do they find these judges?!?!?  Would it have killed him to grant the damn order??  No but his refusal to do so killed her!  It is a piece of paper, and we all know that a piece of paper does not stop bullets but come on...was he trying to save money by saving ink and paper?  Oh, no sorry he said there wasn't enough evidence...well hopefully he isn't involved with trying the man that killed her...the dead body may not be enough evidence for him to prove a murder was committed!

There really does need to be more checks on judges.  I like the law that was recently passed in CA that the judge has to give a reason for denying a temporary restraining order.  I was very happy to read that, and blind, sheltered me thought WOW, way to go, we are finally getting somewhere!!  Well, I guess I was wrong...this judge DID give the reason he denied her restraining sufficient evidence. 

There have been several cases where this has happened this year that I have seen, I am sure it has happened before and I am also sure that I have not seen all of them.  Something needs to be done to make these judges accountable for their actions.  Can't they charge him as an accomplish to murder or something??  I know that sounds crazy, and yes I am a bit worked up over this.

And...WHY did it take HOURS for the police to get into the house when they were called out there by someone reporting shooting??  HHHMMM....I'm just speechless with that one.

Read the story that I am ranting about...LEX18 - Lexington, KY - News, Weather, Sports - Louisville Woman Found Dead ...please leave me your thoughts and feelings on this!  I am interested in knowing how others feel about this.

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