August 15, 2008

Survivor Poems

Child of Abuse 

by Broken Dreams

I can only hear obscenities
Lost in my insecurities
Slowly my thoughts become obscurities
I have had enough of these

Fights rage in absolution
I can find no solution
Cowering in the vile pollution
I hide behind a dark protrusion

Fists fly in desecration
Unaware of my isolation
Though I have no participation
Still I feel that pain sensation

Lost in darkness of tragedy
But its quite a parody
Compared to the black and blue badge on thee
As he treats you with such fridgity

A child lost in deep sadness
For she had seen what was amiss
No part to take in all of this
Except such brutal things witness

But what can she do to retaliate
Filled to the brim with such fierce hate
Her Mother's pain she saw him create
Now revenge causes her to imitate

A fist will form as anger brews
Will this story soon become the news
Of a child in anger learning the clues
And watching her Mother fight and loose

How must this hurt emotional
She stop attending devotional
For it is no longer inspirational
God seems so absent in this all

But how will this story come to a close
That is the question nobody knows
But the courts the lawyers will pose
And lie through their teeth as grows their nose

And the child will continue to suffer
No longer the pain can the Mother buffer
Quiet her cries find her a muffler
It is time for her to grow tougher

Cries in the night continue to torment
As the child sits in judgment
Who is the bad guy and who should be clement
Here ends all our sad sentiments

This was written by a Child Survivor when she was 18.  And yet, so many still take the stance that as long as the child isn't hit, they aren't affected by Domestic Violence.  When will they get a clue, open their eyes and stop the suffering of children who are witnessing DV in their lives? 

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