March 5, 2008

National Alliance for Family Court Justice

National Alliance for
Family Court Justice

National Alliance For Family Court Justice, founded in 1993 by Elisabeth
Richards of Annandale,Virginia, is an international group of volunteers
dedicated to addressing system failure in the courts and social
services resulting in retaliation against non-offending parents who complain
of family abuse, especially mothers of children who disclose sexual abuse.

NAFCJ activists are dedicated to creating synergy
and power through networking and lobbying for change for those caught up in the
vast web of custody corruption involving such court chicanery as political pork
barrel cronyism, guardian ad litem kickbacks, fraudulent psychological testing
by GAL appointed evaluators and local Bar Associations who run MCLE seminars
with judges (Mandatory Continuing Legal Education) concealing contributions
"coffee and flower" slush funds through County Court Judicial Associations.

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  1. What do you all think now in June 2020 ? I am exhausted