March 16, 2008

Carey 'sleazy' deal outrage-Australia

CAMPAIGNERS against domestic violence are outraged by disgraced footy great Wayne Carey's "sleazy" deal with a women's magazine.

"If they're paying for a story based on someone beating up somebody else it's sleazy and it goes back to the fact that most people think that it's not criminal," she said.

"It undermines all these people who work in family violence who are trying to reassure women that it's not normal and it is criminal.".... Carey 'sleazy' deal outrage Herald Sun

For those who do not know who this is.... Wayne Carey

Although it is not really that important WHO he is, it is the fact that a women's magazine would pay for an interview with him and his girlfriend, that he has abused, to discuss their drug usage and the abuse......just sick!

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