January 10, 2009

Update on Hayes & Haley Heatwole

We wanted to send out an update on the Amber Alert that we helped send out on the 1st.  Thankfully the children are safe, but we are saddened that they are now parentless due to the fact that their father murdered their Mother.  No sources show if the children were present at the time of the murder of Angela Heatwole and another in the home, but we pray that they were safe from this.

"A man still sorting through a divorce committed suicide early Friday after killing his ex-wife, a renter and neighbor and abducting his children, according to the Buncombe County Sheriff's Office."

When reading this, one thing came to mind...  That so many in society still see DV as a "Family Matter".  When are they going to see that it affects Society in so many ways?  When are they going to see that it not only hurts the family going through the DV, but those around them, and not only when those not in the family get murdered.

"Who knows what could possess someone to do something this crazy?"  Dillingham said.  "I don't even want to speculate on any motive, and I don't know that we'll ever know now that they're both deceased."

Those of us that have been through dV, those of us that have had X's that we were/are afraid of, can truly speculate on what would possess someone to do something this crazy.  True, we shouldn't as Angela Heatwole was murdered, and him now dead because he cowardly ended his own life after murdering; but as a Survivor myself, I have known many nights of fear myself, and thankfully have come out alive.

"Amber Alert plea for help from investigators triggered a public tip, and authorities surrounded the home early Friday.  When deputies asked Heatwole to surrender, authorities heard one gun shot."

""You never expect anything like this in your neighborhood," he said."

Wanted to share this, for this is something that unfortunately is in EVERY neighborhood, behind closed doors.  Every neighborhood in the US has a Victim living in it, every neighborhood has the potential of having something like this happen in it.  This is why we need Soceity to help keep an eye out for those that may  need help yet don't know how or can't reach out for it.  With 1 in 3 women being affected by DV, do the math...

Angela Heatwole will not be forgotten by her Sisters... and our prayers go out to the family and children.

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