January 20, 2009

Teen Dating Violence and Awareness Week: What are your plans? - Canada

In reading this article, many things hit me at once, and with this article being so long and full of important information, I'm going to ask you to please take a few minutes out of your day and read it.  It's that important.....Why you ask?'

Simple, this is NOT something that is only happening in Canada.  This is NOT something that is only happening in the US, but all around the world.  Teen Dating Violence is NOT being taken as seriously as it truly needs to be, for it's a pre-cursor to Domestic Violence.  If we can only get them while they are young!

In this article, it shares that there's ONLY 2 states in the ENTIRE US that have taken the steps to increase risk prevention in teens by going to legal lengths.

Two states in the entire United States of America, Texas and Rhode Island, have taken the steps to increase risk prevention in this vulnerable group of teenagers by going to legal lengths such as implementing policies that address Teen Dating Violence, even requiring that it be taught at certain grade levels. New York is beginning to realize the serious problem for teenagers and has finally expanded its laws to allow teens in abusive relationships to obtain restraining orders in family courts instead of from the long and drawn out criminal justice system.

HELLO OUT THERE!!!  Is anyone seeing a problem with this????

Too many teens are suffering, too many are dying because they don't have the help and support needed.  Too many are then getting into Domestic Violence relationships because they don't have the support or the Empowerment to know that they can have better!  Too many signs are not being seen, and too many parents are out there trying to protect their children without the help from a system that continues to be blind to their needs. 

Again, read through this article, I know that it's for a week of awareness for the teens there, but there's a lot of good information in there that I feel can be used anywhere. 

What steps will you take where you live to help protect the teens that are at risk in your area?  What will it take for you to open up your blind eyes and to take part in being part of the solution?

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