January 10, 2009

Kits help victims of stalkers

This sounds very helpful, I just wish more places had things like this!

"If you look in the kit you'll find a small cassette recorder, mace, a door jam, window alarms, an air horn, a disposable camera, a notepad and a pen -- and just maybe freedom from fear.
Victims can have a hard time finding freedom from stalkers, who authorities..."

Read the full article: Free kits to help victims of stalkers


  1. Want research information on stalkers victims hardly know. What danger are they. They do not hear the word "no" ... strange gifts ... what happens after officer of the law is called... is that a challenge to stalker to do more stalking?

    Need more information on profile of stalkers.

  2. Yes, you are correct, there is not much info in this article about the profile of stalkers that are strangers. This article covers mainly those that are being stalked by someone they know, and have been in a relationship with. This article is mainly for those that have been in an abusive relationship and is now being stalked and harassed by their abuser.

    For more information about stalking in general you could read the Crime Victims Services page on stalking: http://www.crimevictimservices.org/stalking/behavior.php